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Release Notes: April 1, 2022

Major build and site changes for the End of Dragons balance.
Veröffentlicht Mar 30, 2022

Hi everyone, after much work we're excited to announce the release of the site updates for EOD. There's a lot that has been changed over the past several weeks both in terms of functionality and builds. We'll continue to work on additional items and improvements, however, here and now, we're happy with the state the site's in to draw a line under the current progress and share it with you all.


We've released an updated set of builds for EOD specialisations and balance. Check them out on the Builds Listing today.


Our brand new Groups feature allows Guild Wars 2 players to create and discover groups for encounters, guilds, and communities. Whether you're looking for new players or a group to join, make use of our dynamic features to:

  • View publicly listed groups on the Groups listing.
  • Create new groups to advertise groups of any type (i.e. guilds, statics, training communities, selling groups, competitive).
  • Enable membership features for a group so that you can invite and receive applications from website users.
  • Apply to join new groups as a player.

It's important to note a couple of limits we've applied to the feature:

  • Listings expire three days after they're posted unless your group has been verified as a community.
  • Group member limits are currently 7 or 12. We will consider adjustments to this based on feedback.

We're planning further improvements to this feature already, so as always please provide any feedback via the Airtable so we can consider it as part of the process.


Stay up-to-date and in-the-know with our new News feature. We'll be posting a quarterly wrap up of release notes and changes moving forwards here, in addition to general announcements and posts throughout the year. We'll post on our Twitter to announce new posts.


  • Released the public preview of guides.
  • Released the public preview of explore.

Prime Accounts

We've integrated Patreon with the website so when you subscribe you also get an upgraded website account. Patreon subscribers currently receive:

  • No Ads
  • Prime Badge
  • Exclusive Discord Channel
  • Custom Discord Roles


Site Wide

  • Adjusted the global site layout making more space for content.
  • Revised the responsive breakpoints across the site.
  • Added improved styling for content regions.
  • Upgraded the mobile navigation so it's nicer ™.
  • Added a Prime link to the navigation bar.
  • Disabled the GW2 Wiki links on mobile devices so users can click safely.
  • Upgraded to a Markdown editor for content management.
  • Added a global site search coz we're a little bit fancy.


  • Enabled transactional emails so you can now forget your password.
  • Refreshed the authentication template to make it more pleasant.


  • Updated the build listing filters.
  • Added a search box to the build listing.
  • Added an Any option to filters on the build listing.
  • Added a Last Updated timestamp to the build listing.
  • Polished the build layout because it was calling out for some tlc.
  • Added quick switching between builds of the same progression to the build page.
  • Added gearset & variant ordering to the build page.
  • Added a copy-to-clipboard function for Build Template on the build page.
  • Improved the Rotation Log link so you no longer need to copy + paste it into your browser.


  • Updated the profile view to make room for new features.
  • Added Kill Proof checking to the API.


  • Tweaked the display of the Benchmarks page.
  • Improved the UI when listing benchmarks using Allies.

Bug Fixes

  • Unbroke the Clear button on the build listing.
  • Fixed several spelling mistakes on the Benchmarks page.
  • Chased away gremlins preventing users from saving their profile without providing an API key.
  • Chased away even more gremlins causing server errors on some profile pages.