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An Important Announcement

An important announcement regarding the future of the Snow Crows website.
Veröffentlicht Mar 31, 2024

Thanks to all for participating in our April Fool's merriment! This post will be left up as an archive of the time.

Good day, friends and family,

Today is a monumental day in the history of the Snow Crows website. Today marks the day that the Snow Crows site retires from the world of sweaty, try-hard raid builds and embraces the true content that makes Guild Wars 2 the legendary game that it is. We have finally hung up our boots and called it a day. No more are the complex rotations or greedy infusions; gone are the elitist benchmark lists. We have opened our eyes and seen the true calling for our fantastic team.

That’s right, you guessed it: Open World builds.

This is the final step in our evolution as a website. This is where we want to go.

Our amazing team of content creators has put together a curated list of high-performing builds to turn those frantic Open World Metas into a smooth, blissful dream. We have categories for Group and Solo builds to help you decide what you will be using your build for. Group builds typically provide plenty of support and boons, while Solo builds can… well, do just that. For release, we have started with these two categories, but we will be releasing F2P core builds and another, more experimental category over the next days and weeks.

We have tried to share gear between Raid builds and Open World builds to make gearing easier and to ensure you don’t have to simply delete your raid gear. The sharp-eyed among you will have noticed that we aren’t using any full celestial builds. The horror! We believe that investing heavily in these expensive gear sets is not worth it solely for Open World, especially when 99% of the content you will encounter does not require such defensive capabilities. If you do decide that you want to solo five legendary bounties at once while changing the diapers on your kids, cooking dinner, and facetanking every mechanic… well, then you know what to do.