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January Build Changes

Check in on our latest updates and how the recent patch impacted your favorite build.
Veröffentlicht Jan 30, 2024
Balance Changes

For a brief look at the changes, you can head over to our preview post that discussed the recent changes.

Everything in it went live - with the exception of , which was left untouched, and which was nerfed slighly less than announced.
This means Chaos Mirage won't disappear just yet - but does receive a significant nerf after all.

  You can find the official patch notes here.


Condition Weaver is no longer interested in bonking enemies with Hammer, as it has fallen below Scepter and Warhorn's previous 42k DPS, which also maintains range as a notable advantage.

Condition Tempest with Hammer falls down to around 41k -- competitive with the specialization's Warhorn builds, but not offering range or support.



Engineers of the Condition kind have all been reduced.
Condition Holosmith, Condition Mechanist, and Condition Alacrity Mechanist have all lost ~1k DPS, leaving them at 43.4k, 40.6k, and 33k DPS respectively.

With the change to reducing the Power of Power Scrapper, it lands at a decent 41.8k DPS, while Power Quick Scrapper remains unaffected.



Condition Willbender will undergo a similar, but less severe DPS hit. Both builds' rotations should see minor changes to bridge the gap from today's patch to Guardian receiving Pistols at the end of February.



Condition Mirage's nerfs are far less severe than initially indicated, falling from 48.8k DPS to 45k DPS without allies. A substantial nerf, but the build has life left in it yet.
Dust off your Axes, its time to Confuse people.



Power Soulbeast's new contender, the Greatsword, looks to solidify itself between 41k and 42k, depending on the ending of the bench. A solid bump over its performance prior to today, but the weapon needs a bit more attention to be competitive with Hammer's current bursty performance.
Check out the video by Dingo, or the 'reverse' rotation by Hmod.

New benchmarks for Untamed are in;

It seems Lynx is the winner for the Condition Damage variant, while a combination of Fanged Iboga and Jungle Stalker is used for the Power variant.



For the Vindicator enjoyers of the world, the build loses approximately 2k DPS, leaving the current performance at 42.1k DPS.

While not a DPS change, Revenant's Mace lost two blast finishers, meaning Heal Quickness Herald now takes less advantage of the Relic of Karakosa, on top of said relic receiving a nerf this patch.