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FAQ: Groups

Get started with our Groups features.
Veröffentlicht Apr 2, 2022

To help everyone get started with the Groups feature we've put together a quick series of FAQs. If you're needing any help getting set up and started using groups you can ask in #website-discussion.

What are groups?

Groups allows players to list their encounter groups, guilds, communities, and pretty much anything you want publicly when looking for new members or advertising a service.

How do I create a new group?

To create a new group you'll need to be logged in to the website:

  1. Make your way to Groups
  2. Hit the Create new group button
  3. Fill in the mandatory fields
  4. Hit the Let's do it button
  5. Bathe in the glory of having a group

How do I list a group?

Groups are unlisted when they're first created so you have time to make it look pretty. To list your group:

  1. Navigate to your group
  2. Make it look pretty by adding a banner and image
  3. Hit the Manage button next to the group name
  4. Hit the List Group option
  5. Bathe in the glory of your listed group

How can people join my group?

Currently members can apply to join your group as long as you have set your group status to open on the Edit Group page. We're working on features to allow you to send direct invites to members.

How do I find my unlisted group?

Groups that aren't listed on the Groups page are still listed on your profile. If you're unsure what groups you're currently a member to or what groups you own, you can see these from your profile.