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Calling all Hands

Be part of our project!
Veröffentlicht Apr 7, 2023

Good day friends and people of the internet,

We are making leaps and bounds in terms of website progression this year. We have already released French and will soon be releasing other languages, so stay tuned! As with all projects, we want to keep this momentum running and are looking to add to our ranks. We have had an extremely successful first round of community contributions from a huge list of users. You can see the currently released fruits of their labour below;

We have a few more projects in the works but are ready to take in more submissions!

In the same breath, we are also looking for developers to help with the behind the scenes work. Hodge knows big words about what we need beep boop php php things nova. We have a number of projects that just need that bit of extra love from an outside eye to get them finished and live. Contact Hodge for more details.

Finally, we are looking for translators for French, German and Spanish to help slowly chip away at our "non-build page" content. This content is mostly static, but extremely vast, and so will take some considerable time to translate.