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Build Notes: December 31, 2022

New beginner builds are starting to roll out!
Veröffentlicht Dec 30, 2022

Hello everyone,

We have some fanastic news to announce! Our community call has yielded its first fruits. We are extremely happy to present to the first of many projects to be published!

Beginner Builds

Beginner builds and getting into raiding has become one of the new cornerstones of our mission. We want our community to provide a space for new raiders to take their first steps and to get to grips with organized PvE.

One of the barriers that prevents players from joining the organized PvE community is the complexity of some builds. Rotations seem to be tricky on the surface which is why we are so passionate about trying to break down this barrier.

Our aim with beginner builds has always been to act as building blocks to allow players to start from the basics and slowly build up until they are doing the meta rotation.

Beginner builds are not "Low Intensity" builds

We want to make this point as clear as possible. Rotations can be hard but often the perceived difficulty is higher than in reality. This is why we have chosen to use beginner build as the scaffolding to help players progress to from core repeating patterns up to the actual "meta" rotation.

Beginner Elementalist

Beginner Power Weaver is the first build on our list. Weaver builds often are seen to be extremely compelex, fast and difficult rotations.

This new build created by ScoobySharky is the perfect starting point for anyone who is looking at getting into this rotation.

Beginner Condition Weaver is our next contestant. This build has long been viewed as one of the more complicated rotations in the game. We all saw Roul and thought he was the only one capable of doing it.

Our new beginner build created by Luke Graves is an incredible resource for players looking to show off in pugs with this build.

Beginner Holosmith

Beginner Power Holosmith will help players get into the classic and historically strong Power Holosmith build. The current "meta" parent build is a fan favourite but can prove complicated to get into due to Holosmith's unique profession mechanic.

This is yet another beginner build from ScoobySharky and I have a sneaky suspicion that we might be seeing more from him in the future.

Closing Remarks

We'd like to give a huge shoutout to all the members of the community that reached out to our Community Call. We have a huge amount of content yet to come in the form of more beginner builds, gearing guides, commanding guides and guidelines for how power builds are made.

If you'd like to get involved with our community and contribute to this great project, then please submit an application below!

SC Community Call Application Form