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Build Notes: December 3, 2022

Updates for our Elementalist, Mesmer, Necromancer, Thief, Guardian, Revenant and Warrior builds.
Veröffentlicht Dec 3, 2022
Balance Changes

Hey gang,

This is the first of many small updates due to the November 29, 2022 balance patch. A large number of builds have received buffs this patch and this has pushed some of them back into the spotlight. One such build is part of the first section of updates.


A variety of Elementalist builds returned to fame this recent balance patch. Power Weaver has even returned from the depths of the Legacy build pile.

Firstly, let's start with Power Weaver. The buff to is a flat increase to all Elementalist builds that run the Air Specialization. This change has allowed our old favourite to come back to life. Further buffs to and have helped this build surpass a 40k benchmark. is now part of the rotation allowing for a more fluid feeling.

Condition Weaver uses the same buffed traits as Power Weaver. No gear, trait or rotational changes, only the end number.

Heal Alacrity Tempest received some sad news with the removal of healing from on Scepter. This forces this build to now run Dagger, thereby losing access to Blasts. This reduced overall Might uptime and forces you to take at least one Shout as part of your utilities.

Power Catalyst received QoL changes to the way , and function, which have helped with this build's playability. They now no longer function as projectiles and strike foes once per second. Flat buffs to and also have resulted in an extremely high benchmark. No gear or rotational changes, only and the end number.

Power Quickness Catalyst didn't make this week's patch but it will see light in the coming days.


Power Chronomancer and Power Quickness Chronomancr are both still a work in progress and will be live soon.

Condition Alacrity Mirage has changes to its gear and rotation. We now generate addition Alacrity from . Previously, we generated two and a half seconds of Alacrity but now it has been buffed to four seconds. This lets us run full Viper's equipment, not rely on Regeneration and still over-stack Alacrity.


Power Reaper has also seen some bufs. and buffs saw increased damage and a change in gear. Changes to and caused the Reaper Shroud rotation to change. Overall, we saw an increase in DPS output with a new rotation and new gear.

We haven't forgotten about Condition Harbinger and Condition Quickness Harbinger. They are coming soon.


Power Deadeye has seen changes to its gear, utilities and rotation. Recent buffs to Dagger have pushed Rifle off the stage. This frees up one utility slot and allows us to take , thereby reducing the amount of Precision we need and inherently changing our gear.

Kite Deadeye will see some updates soon.


Condition Firebrand, Condition Quickness Firebrand and Heal Quickness Firebrand will be updated in the following days. Power Dragonhunter might even return :O

Condition Willbender received buffs to and . This was a flat damage increase of around 2k. No gear, trait or rotational changes, only the end number.


Both Power Herald and Power Quickness Herald have been buffed through reduced cooldowns for and . This has changed the rotation slightly and resulted in a higher end number. Additional buffs to , and helped to further boost these builds. Power Quickness Herald also now takes as it has finally been fixed.

Power Vindicator received a small damage buff via . No gear, trait or rotational changes, only the end number.


Power Berserker, Condition Quickness Berserker, Power Bladesworn and Power Quickness Bladesworn are still in the works. Soon to be live.

Condition Berserker received changes to how functions. The Berserk extension is no longer reliant on a Stun Break. No gear, trait or rotational changes, only the end number.

Power Spellbreaker has received a buff to which resulted in a ~2k buff. No gear, trait or rotational changes, only the end number.