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Build Notes: December 12, 2022

Updates for our Catalyst, Chronomancer, Harbinger, Holosmith, Untamed, Herald and Warrior builds.
Veröffentlicht Dec 5, 2022
Balance Changes

Hey friends,

Back again with an update. We've been continuing our work and have got another batch of updates to release.


Power Quickness Catalyst received the same buffs as Power Catalyst. The quality of life update with the changes to , and along with buffs to and have pushed this build up the charts. Brand new rotation with an accompanied benchmark and tips!


Power Quickness Chronomancer and Power Chronomancer both saw buffs through and coefficient modifier buffs to their auto-attack chains.

Power Quickness Chronomancer now runs double to help maximum Quickness uptime. This build has a new rotation, new traits and video.

Power Chronomancer saw an update across the board with new traits, new utilities, a new rotation and benchmark.


Condition Harbinger and Condition Quickness Harbinger both have new videos and have had their rotations changed slightly for better presentation.


Power Holosmith received a variety of buffs that have helped to boost it up the leaderboards. , , and changes have pushed this build up to a lofty 38.6k. This build has had its default weapons changed to Sword and Shield for the additional utility. No new traits or utilities, only numbers and videos.


Power Untamed and Power Alacrity Untamed have made an appearance. Both builds boast decent DPS and offer very...rhythmic gameplay.


Condition Quickness Herald has been added to the site. This build is a solid Quickness giver that can be used as an alternative to Power Quickness Herald on encounters where Condition damage is prefered.


Condition Berserker and Condition Quickness Berserker have been updated to reflect the changes to . Condition Berserker has a new rotation and benchmark, while the Quickness variant is getting a new video soon!

Power Berserker has also been updated with new gear, traits, rotation and benchmark.


Hand Kite Spellbreaker has made its return to the site. Newly updated gear, traits and utilities. Also with a with video example.


Power Bladesworn and Power Quickness Bladesworn have finally had their rotations cleaned up and updated. Sorry for the delay!