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Kaineng Overlook CM

Veröffentlicht Nov 25, 2022 Aktualisiert Apr 13, 2024
It's a me!

Kaineng Overlook (KO) is the third End of Dragon's strike, accessible via the Arborstone portal. As this challenge mode is one of the harder and more complex encounters in the game, it requires some preparation to successfully complete and gain the rewards.

It is important to consider the following when preparing to fight Minister Li:

  • The encounter needs two healers with Toughness for kiting the Sniper. One will also tank the Enforcer.
  • One of the DPS will need to tank the Mech Rider. DPS with teleport skills are good for this role.
  • When fighting Minister Li the party will need a ready source of Stability.
  • Ranged and cleave DPS are recommended due to the nature of the split phases.

First Phase (Li 100%-66%)

The fight starts with Minister Li charging up Dragon Slash that covers half of the platform. Players should always stand behind Li if people are hit by the attack the get knocked off so Stability is needed to prevent this. The below attack pattern repeats until 66%:

  1. Shared Destruction + Dragon Slash Wave
  2. Dragon Slash Rush
  3. Shared Destruction + Dragon Slash Wave
  4. Dragon Slash Rush
  5. Dragon Slash Burst

Dragon Slash Wave

In CM this attack is not telegraphed as an orange AoE. The Dragon Slash Wave attack is targeted on a random player. Players need to stand behind Li when he animation locks and begins charging the attack.

Dragon Slash Wave knocks players off the platform so Stability needs to be given.

Dragon Slash Rush

Shared Destruction (Greens)

The Green mechanic starts at the same time as the Dragon Slash Wave and will come back throughout the fight. You need to have three or more players in each green else everyone will go into downstate. From this point on, Li will dash to a corner while dealing massive damage to anyone in his way then back to middle with some attacks in between.

Dragon Slash Burst

In the middle he will start the Roman Number attack. Five players will get a number above their head and Li will fire a bolt at each of the affected players starting with number I.

Getting hit does about 8k damage and it leaves a small red damaging AoE. Furthermore, anyone hit by the bolt will get Extreme Vulnerability debuff. If you get hit again by this attack it will put you in downstate.

Affected players should spread out to the edges of the platform (not in a corner) with enough distance in between each other, then wait for attack to hit and walk back to stack, never dodge!

Do not phase the boss while Dragon Slash Burst happens. The mechanic does not cancel which can result in a fiesta and /gg.

Split Phase 1 (Trio)

On this phase we fight 3 adds. The order of priority for the bosses is as follows:

The Mindblade > The Ritualist > The Enforcer

The closest players to the Mindblade and Enforcer will become their tanks for some time, indicated with a pink marker above your head and icon in buffbar. Both need to make sure to keep those 2 adds seperated or else are empowered with Stronger Together which grats them life steal and conversion of conditions into boons with Lethal Inspiration. When refixation of tanking happens, take note that 1 player can have the aggro of both Mindblade and Enforcer.

At start everyone move to the other end of the platform from where you spawned and stand on the edge. Other healer buff squad and kite The Enforcer to the middle.

So healers kiting Mindblade to stack and Enforcer Tank leads Enforcer to the middle. Everyone should first target The Ritualist untill Mindblade is on stack, then focus Mindblade. ps. no or the Mindblade will not join stack.

Before the Enforcer takes place in the middle the Mindblade will perform his Lightning storm on stack. Try to avoid these aoe's as they remove our boons.

Enforcer takes place in middle, keep stacked on edge

Once the Enforcer stands in the middle he starts dashes/blue flames in an hourglass pattern. Healer can go back to stack. After the dashes the Enforcer performs his Bladestorm attack

Bladestorm: This attack has multiple layers in CM: inner red damage AoE(same as normal mode) and an outer taunt AoE that can avoided by dodge, Aegis or Stability. As third layer the Enforcer will lob Fireballs in a circular pattern(rarely visible smaller red AoE's) that applies Debilitated which reduces outgoing damage by 25% per stack. This is why we stand on the edge in this phase.

Next up: Refixate of Mindblade and Enforcer. Enforcer-tank needs to be close to him when the fireballs end so he can be kited away, opposite from where the group is stacked.

Two players will need to place 5 big AoE's one by one outside of the group. Immidiately after these 5 AoE's greens will happen together with huge damage Ghost/Spirit AoE's. Our safespot = tankspot. RNJesus that enforcer-tank doesn't get the green mechanic... Placing red AoE's at side of platform

After the greens the Mindblade and the Enforcer refixate their tanks and same time we all get a spread AoE which I advise the Enforcer tank to dodge into the enforcer AoE to get aggro again. Ideal the Mindblade is dead now. Move to the other side to cleave Enforcer and Ritualist.

From now on the mechanics will loop (- dead boss mechanics). With the only difference that the Ghost that appeared during first greens, are now spirits with a safespot in the middle of the big white AoE. (When dps is high enough the Ritualist is dead before this spirit AoE occurs.

The Mindblade

Timed spread AoE: 2 random players will need to drop 5 lasting AoE's one after another. Go to the edge and drop these AoE's along it. (Can be stacked, not needed)

Unstable Bladestorms: 6 circle AoE's from The Mindblade, moving away from him and spreading out. It deals heavy damage and applies stacks of Infirmity (1 stack = 25%less healing ). Move out and dodge back in. Quick math with 4 stacks you can not receive any healing nor be be resurected.

The Ritualist

Lightning Storm: Strips boons on hit! Step out, dodge,.. aegis can block but don't count on it. (this is one of the first attacks you will encounter)

Ghosts: 5 Big AoE's that down and launch you, you just stay where you are stacking.

Spirits: 4 big AoE's that just downstate you, safe spot in middle of each AoE.

The Enforcer

Dashes: Leaves behind blue flames which give Infirmity (=25%less healing).

Bladestorm: Takes place after the blue dashes disappear, one inner damage AoE's like in normal mode and an outer "donut" taunt AoE. You need to dodge or stab this or you run into the damage AoE. Immediately after this he will spit out fireballs arround him in a full circle (multiple red circle AoE's with a thin outer line). It's difficult to see this attack and it applies debilitated which gives a 25% less damage/stack debuff. We want to stand really on the edge to avoid getting hit by those fireballs.

Second Phase (Li 66%-33%)

This phase is not much different than phase 1 with just a longer pattern and the appearance of Orange AOEs (spread).

In every 2nd and 4th corner Li does his Cleave attack, so you will need Stability.

  1. Dash from mid to corner 1
  2. 2 greens + cleave to mid
  3. Dash to 2nd corner
  4. Spread + Cleave to mid (Stab!)
  5. Dash to 3th corner
  6. 2 greens + cleave to mid
  7. Dash to corner 4
  8. Spread + Cleave to mid (Stab!)
  9. Dash to middle
  10. Roman numbers

Ease of life: It is advised that when you move to the 2nd and 4th corner, that all 4 support people run first towards Li to bait the spread mechanic. Same person should always stay on stack 3 other support always move out, preferably to the same spots. The healers with more toughness are also more likely to survive the cleave attack, therefore they should stand in the direction Li is going to move afterwards.

Spread in 4th corner ps. Again watch out for reaching 33% when roman numbers attack gets executed.

Split Phase 2 (Duo)

Explaining Mech and Sniper attacks

Main mechanics are the Equalize, Sniper ricochet and Sniper CC attack and Mech barage

We need a dps to tank Mech Rider (and a backup). Preferably a dps with a portskill like blink/shift/shadowstep. Good positioning = no barrage on group. To tank this, you need to be in front of him and in melee range. Then you just sidestep every cone attack he does while you face him away from the group. The melee cone attacks inflict debilitated (dmg -25%), while Barrage applies 50-sec Exposed (you take 25% more dmg)

Equalize: The Sniper and The Mech have a shared healthpool. Whenever the difference is bigger than 20% = equalize will happen and Enhanced Destructive Aura. After Equalize the Enhanced Destructive Aura gives ticking damge + corrupt our boons. Unless you are going for the title run, we don't want to hit the equalize. Therefore we always focus our main damage on The Mech, while we stand near The Sniper and cleave him. Mech hp is bigger then Sniper

Sniper ricochet: He shoots 3 projectiles that can not be blocked, reflected or anything. It hits hard so you need to healup in between shots, toughness and protection helps. When targeted by this attack you will get a red circle AoE arround that is rather big and not so visible, anyone inside that AoE will die when ricochet hits (I've seen it happen that only downstate occurs but don't count on that). Look which kiter has the attack on him so you know which side is safer to spread.

Sniper CC: A random person gets target, a green will spawn and The Sniper moves to platform 1,3,5 or 7. You need to move with the green to the corner where we can take the zipline up to CC sniper. FIRST let the green "pop" then take zipline

Barage: Whenever The Mech feels like it or when the tank is out of melee range he performs a barage attack and makes it rain nasty puddles of goo giving you the Exposed debuff (+25% inc.damage)

How to deal with those mechanics:

Step 1: Tank moves to The Mech. Everyone else stay on spot until The Sniper spawns, Tank stand close in The Mech hitbox to easy step out cone attack. Face him away from group. All focus damage on The Mech while cleaving The Sniper

STOP damage completely on The Sniper if difference reaches 15%

After a while 2 greens + 4 spread mechanic will happen. 2 greens + 1 spread can stay on stack,3 other spreads move out, everyone without mechanic stay in green. Kiters get ready to kite (if you should have spread, spread far away already). Remember at least 4 people in greens.

Step 2: Push + mines ==> Kiters go kite ricochet

The Mech will start pushing everybody away from him that is to close while throwing mines arround him. Mech-tank watchout, you can get pushed off platform! Kiters gotta go to kite spots Arrow and Circle, tank use blink(or any other port skill) to get back in melee to avoid barrage after push (blink right before pushing ends) To remove the mines simply dodge true them. After the greens and spread from step 1, Kiters go kite, everybody else stand near heart marker in the green marked area.

Kiter & stack position

Kiting ricochet : The Sniper will transfer to a random (1 of 7) platform outside the arena. From the first platform, he will target the closest person (kiter) for the first ricochet. You have 10 seconds before you get hit. From the same platform the will target again the closest person (kiter) and move to another tower next to him and shoot a 2nd time. From the 2cnd platform he will target again the closest person and jump to the last platform to take the 3the shot. 10seconds time before 1st shot, 2 seconds in between shot 2 & 3. The Sniper gets back to main platform close to the tower where he was last, we go back to him and damage mech.

Sniper on platform 7, kiters on kitespots

Step 3: Red laser / CC + Green

1 Person gets targeted by The Sniper with a red laser attack. Same time 1 or 2 persons get the green AoE, Everyone beside tank move with green to the corner where the sniper is located. Wait for greens to pop and move up to CC sniper, when CC fails the targeted player dies.

Step 4: Numbers (dps mech)

Kiters can go kite again, everyone else try to stack near the Heart. Roman numbers spread out and dodge the attack when he comes for you. Kiting done, all back to The Sniper and keep damage focus on Mech.

Step 5: Spread + Laser

4 people will get a spread mechanic and Mech will perform his Laser attack, you shouldn't get hit by this or you will die. Then tanking mech phase starts over. Sniper CC Redlaser + green happening, move with the green to the corner where the sniper is at.

Step 6: Greens + 4orange aoe happening (kiters go kite)

Step 7: Sniper red laser / CC attack

After(during) this phase we should have The Sniper and Mech arround 20% so we can kill the sniper Numbers mechanic will happen and if sniper is not dead, Kiters go kite.

Same here as previous phases, these steps will keep repeating. If you want to go for the titlerun you have to kill the sniper when Mech is about 25-28%

  • spicy stuff: So when everything goes according to plan it should go smooth".. Now things can get real spicy when the mech-tank gets green.
    This is where the backup tank steps in(and by RNJesus pray that he doesn't have 2nd green^^).
    Mech-tank needs to callout asap he has green, the backup(can also be somebody with spread AoE) should take over tanking asap so the tank can jump to squad to let greens pop.

  • What if?: What if a non kiter gets the ricochet attack? You need to move away from the platform where The Sniper is on in order to let one of the kiters bait the 2nd shot. Preferably you move to one of the kiters side. the other kiter bait the 2nd shot.

  • note: Kiters gotta go kite when mech throws mines and when Roman numbers appear. Everyone else moves to zipline area.

This phase is a bit harder to get down perfect, but don't let it beat you! On to the last phase!

Third Phase (Li 33%-0%)

This is the final phase, looks hectic but it's the same as phase 2, beside the fact that we have more fun with more mechanics.

Communication and positionning is important in this phase, as some minor mistakes can easy result in a wipe.

The mechanics happen always in the same order and they can appear all at the same time. Keep this order in mind: First SPREAD (orange AoE) then Greens then Numbers. You'll sometimes need to make a decsicion at the very last second, so knowing what will happen when can really help.

note: Li will move in the opposite direction he did on phase 2.

There are no new mechanics that need any explaining so here's how we take on this part:

In general, when numbers need to spread, I & II stand "close" so III, IV & V can get behind them without getting hit. Li will move counterclockwise on the platform so we want numbers III, IV and V placed in the other direction.

  1. Dash from middle to corner 1 (same as phase 2): Spread+numbers -> spread first, then numbers. Use the whole platform, just not in the direction we will move.

  2. Dash to corner 2 (same as phase 2): spread -> Greens ( need STAB for swipe!!)

  3. Corner ...3 Greens -> numbers. N° 1 & 2 move out to where Li will go, unless you have green. Then stay on stack and look already where you will move after green. N° 3 4 & 5 preferably move out to where we came from when green is done.

  4. Corner 4 spread -> Green ( need Stab for swipe)

  5. Step 5: : Rush to middle spread -> Green -> numbers. And another spread + numbers before dashing to a new corner.

  6. Step 6: : kill! if not rinse and repeat step 1 again.

When spreading, one person should stay close to the green so you can dodge into if needed.

When Roman Numbers are spreadiwng, it's advised that 1 & 2 stand close in front of Li so 3,4 and 5 can get behind them and not get hit by the first 2 hits.

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