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Introduction to Revenant

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A quest to find your purpose, knowing your end is assured.

The Introduction to Revenant will help you understand the basic mechanics of this profession. Additionally, you will learn the specific specialization perks that each Revenant build has.

Revenant Mechanics

Invoking Legends

Legendary Stances are Revenant's profession mechanic.

Rather than choosing a variety of slot skills, Revenants may choose two Legendary Stances that determine the available skills while in combat. You can swap between these every 10 seconds, similar to Weapon Swap, and will also trigger sigils that activate with Weapon Swap.
Most Legendary Stances have access to a Stun Break, and always contain an upkeep skill and some type of Breakbar damage.


Revenant is a class that relies on Energy to use its weapon and slot skills. Your Energy is regenerated by 5 per second, indicated by pips on the left side of your skill bar.
You have a maximum of 50 Energy outside of combat and 100 Energy while in combat. When your Energy drops below the cost of a skill, that skill will no longer be available to you.

All skills, aside from the weaponskill 1 chain, either consume some amount of Energy or drain Energy every second.
Skills that drain Energy are commonly referred to as upkeeps and may vary in cost.
An upkeep skill with a cost of 6 pips leads to a drain of 1 Energy per second while active. Skills that drain energy can be combined up to a total cost of 10 pips, reducing the Energy pool by 5 per second.

Most upkeeps have a Cooldown of one second after deactivation, but should your Energy drop to 0 while using an upkeep, the Cooldown will be 5 seconds and the upkeep will stop.

Managing Energy is the key to proficiency with any Revenant build. Using upkeeps while having enough Energy for weapon skills, as well as being aware of the cost of weapon skills at any given time and efficiently balancing this resource is the way to mastering Revenant.

Legendary Stance Skills

There are four standard Legendary Stances available to any Revenant.
While not using an elite specialisation, you have access to , which grants 25 Energy and an effect based on your current Legend. Each effect is already available among that Legend's skills, but comes at no cost.

Legendary Assassin Stance

is a strong source of Power damage, while also having access to great mobility.

  • siphons life from enemies.
  • deals additional damage each time you strike an enemy, and additionally increases movemement speed.
  • is a long-range teleport that grants Quickness.
  • Evades while granting Endurance and Fury.
  • Stuns nearby enemies.
  • applies two stacks of Unblockable.

Legendary Dwarf Stance

is primarily used for its strong source of Stability, and otherwise has some strike damage and supportive effects.

  • heals and Removes conditions.
  • casts a line AoE that grants Stability to allies.
  • reduces damage taken and deals damage around you.
  • chains the target to apply Taunt and Slow.
  • reduces damage taken for allies by 50%.
  • casts at a shorter duration.

Each section of are individual fields, meaning you can provide Stability to a lot more people than just your party.

Legendary Demon Stance

is the primary source of Condition Damage with tools to mitigate conditions and remove boons.

  • heals you per condition applied to you.
  • grants Resistance to allies and pulls one condition from them.
  • is a Leap Finisher that Pulls enemies together.
  • remove boons from enemies.
  • pulses Torment to nearby enemies. Also activates a Dark Field
  • grants Resistance.

Legendary Centaur Stance

focuses on healing with high Energy costs, but powerful effects. While in this stance, you summon Ventari's Tablet as a physical proxy for the slot skills. This means all of the skills may be used at range.
If you stray too far from the Tablet, it will be destroyed and may be resummoned with .

  • moves the position of the Tablet.
  • heals allies for a large amount.
  • Cleanses conditions from allies.
  • creates a dome that blocks projectiles. This is also a Light Field
  • applies Knockdown and destroys the Tablet.
  • grants Regeneration.


Legendary Dragon Stance

As a Herald, you gain access to . All skills in this stance are Facets. Facets are upkeeps that passively pulse boons to allies, and unlocks a corresponding active skill that will stop the upkeep.
This means effectively has no energy cost, but can quickly reach the Energy drain limit of 10 pips.

Passive skill Active skill Boon

These boons that are always available to a Herald by using this stance.

Facet of Nature

Herald's profession mechanic is . This Facet is always available above the Energy bar and has effects, rather than boons, based on your current Legendary Stance.

Stance Passive effect Active Effect
+ 20% incoming Boon Duration Extend all boons
On-hit life siphon Remove boons
- 10% incoming damage Stability
Pull 1 condition from nearby allies Transfer conditions to nearby enemies
Healing Heal and Cleanse conditions

All these skills have situational use cases, but guides will typically default to in , as extending boons is a rare and powerful effect.


Legendary Renegade Stance

is the unique Legendary Stance to Renegade.
The slot skills available in this stance are spiritual summons that create an effect around them. Each summon will either support allies or impair enemies.

Summon Effect
Allies inflict Bleeding
On-hit life siphon

can be taken to grant Protection on each summon.

Kalla's Fervor

Kalla's Fervor increases Strike Damage, Condition Damage and even Life Siphon Damage by 2% per stack. You can gain a maximum of five stacks of Kalla's Fervor, for a total of 10% increased damage.
will further increase these bonuses to 3% per stack for a total of 15% increased damage.

grants Kalla's Fervor whenever you critically hit or flank an enemy, and grants Kalla's Fervor whenever you gain Fury.
In most areas of the game, this should make it easy to reach and maintain the maximum amount of stacks at all times.

Citadel Order Skills

Citadel Order skills are Renegade's profession mechanic.

grants allies two stacks of Might per stack of Kalla's Fervor, while also refreshing the duration of the buff.
You grant an additional stack when the trait is selected, for a maximum of 15 Might.

fires 10 missiles that inflict damage and Burning. This skill has a wide radius and will only hit 6 times on an average-sized hitbox.

grants pulsing Alacrity in an area around the Renegade. Without any Boon Duration, this skill grants Alacrity for 8 seconds.
improves both the duration and radius of the skill by 50%. This means Alacrity can be permanently maintained by two Renegades, or by one Renegade with sufficient Boon Duration.


Legendary Alliance Stance

is the unique stance to Vindicator.
Vindicator has two sets of slot skills, one offensive set and one defensive set, each occupying corresponding slots with complementary effects.

Luxon skill Kurzick skill

The Cooldown of each skill is independent, meaning you can use all available skills in both stances.

Alliance Tactics

The profession mechanic of Vindicator is . This will flip your slot skills to their counterparts on a short Cooldown.
This skill is only available while in .

Due to primarily being a DPS oriented specialisation in PvE, defensive skills are typically omitted in Vindicator guides. Despite this, being aware of the available skills and using them when a situation calls for it will be the difference between a good Vindicator and a dead Vindicator.


Instead of a usual Dodge, Vindicator has a damaging ability that strikes enemies in an AoE. Managing Endurance is therefore necessary to take full advantage of Vindicator's strengths.

is another profession mechanic granting 25 Endurance, half of what is required to Dodge. This skill is always available, and therefore the only available profession mechanic skill outside of .

Endurance can also be gained from traits, such as which increases the effectiveness of Vigor.

Trait Lines

Each traitline heavily specialises in one aspect and promotes the playstyle of the corresponding Legendary Stance.

Revenant also has strong synergy across traitlines, which generally incentivises invoking Legends and benefits from specific boons like Fury, Resolution and Resistance.


The Corruption trait line is taken to gain Condition Duration and Condition Damage, focusing on applying Torment or gaining Resistance and damage reduction.

, , are important traits when playing Condition builds.


The Invocation Trait Line amplifies damage through Fury and provides effects upon invoking Legends.

and grants increased strike damage and improves Critical Chance while having Fury. These traits are important for Power builds.

and grant boons, damage or more Energy when invoking a Legend. These traits are useful for Condition builds.


The Devastation Trait Line is taken to increase damage for Power builds.

, and all significantly increase strike damage.


The Retribution trait line has access to damage mitigation and sustain through Resolution and upkeeps, but should rarely be taken over other trait lines.


The Salvation Trait Line is taken to gain access to improved healing, cleanse and defensive boons.

, and are important traits when playing a Healing build.

and are useful traits when cleansing conditions is important.


Herald is an elite specialization focusing on sharing boons and defensive effects to allies, while also having many defensive resources for itself.

, and are the most important traits to consider when playing Herald, as you provide significant support even on a DPS build.

allows Herald to share Quickness to allies, while is a stronger option for a Power build.


Renegade is an elite specialization oriented towards Condition Damage and empowering its Citadel Order skills.

, and are important traits for Condition builds.

increases the radius and duration of , allowing you to upkeep Alacrity on your subgroup with sufficient Boon Duration.


Vindicator is an elite specialization focusing on Power damage and spending Endurance.

and are the most important traits for Power Vindicator.

Breakbar Skills

Specialization Skill Name Skill Type Breakbar Damage
Revenant Staff 150 *
Revenant Axe 150
Revenant Hammer 200
Revenant Utility Skill 150
Revenant Elite Skill 300
Revenant Elite Skill 300
Revenant Utility Skill 500 *
Revenant Axe 166 *
Herald Elite Skill 232
Renegade Utility Skill 600
Renegade Short Bow 200
Vindicator Utility Skill 150

deals 150 Breakbar damage per hit, up to 9 hits.

and apply Breakbar damage over a duration, which increases with Condition Duration.

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