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Introduction to Elementalist

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The Introduction to Elementalist will help you understand the basic mechanics of this profession. Additionally, you will learn the specific specialization perks that each Elementalist build has.

Elementalist Mechanics


Elementalist have access to 4 Attunements that change their weapon skills based on the element. Each weapon type has a unique set of skills for each attunement. Changing attunement counts as a Weapon Swap. To compensate for these attunements Elementalist can't Weapon Swap during combat.

The Attunements are the following:

  1. for heavy damage and burning abilities.
  2. for healing abilities.
  3. for heavy damage and control abilities.
  4. for defensive abilities.

When one is activated, the previous attunement recharges for a long period, whilst other attunements which are ready to use will recharge for a brief period. can be used to reduce the cooldown of attunements.

Changing attunements will not cancel any skill you're currently casting (except overloads) which is used throughout all Elementalist builds.


Tempest have access to the overload mechanic and the attunements can also be activated to create powerful area effects at the expense of a longer attunement recharge.

The Overloads are the following:

  1. grants Might to allies.
  2. heals and cleanses allies.
  3. strikes nearby enemies.
  4. grants Protection to allies

Double Attunements and Dual Attack

Weavers can be attuned to two elements at once. When attuning to a new element, the current main-hand attunement switches to the off hand, whilst the new attunement is placed on the main hand. You can also choose to attune to a single element by using the attunement twice in a row.

The first two skills are based on the main-hand attunement whilst the last two are based on the off-hand attunement. The 3rd skill is based on a combination of both elements in the form of a Dual Attack.

For example, if you are fully attuned to and press the , the first two skills will be based on , the last two based on and the 3rd a combination of both.

Jade Sphere

Catalyst have access to the Jade Sphere, the Jade sphere creates a combo field and grants boons based on the player's attunement when it is deployed.

The Jade sphere are the following:

  1. grants Might to allies.
  2. grants Resolution to allies.
  3. grants Fury to allies.
  4. grants Protection to allies


Elementalist have access to auras through different weapon skills, they provide a unique buff to the player, auras can also be granted or improved by certain combos.

The Auras that Elementalist can provides are the following:

  • Fire Aura: Burns foes and grants Might when you are attacked.
  • Frost Aura: Chill foes and reduces incoming damage by 10%
  • Shocking Aura: Stun foes.
  • Magnetic Aura: Reflects projectiles.

When an Elementalist is under an aura buff he can use specific skills to detonate an aura:

  • damages.
  • heals.
  • stuns.
  • grants Stability.

Utility Skill Types


Arcane is a type of skill that deals critical damage, the two main arcane skills are the following:

  • uses ammo to deal damage.
  • creates a shield that blocks the next 3 attacks.

The other two arcane skills can also be used in rare situation.


Glyphs change their effect based on the Elementalist attunement.

is used mainly with the fire and air attunement:

  • deals damage and inflicts Burning, this spell has a 25 second Cooldown.
  • deals damage and inflicts Vulnerability, this spell has a 60 second Cooldown.

and can be used if you are playing a Condition based build.

can be used as a long-ranged revive, it provides an additional effect based on the attunement you cast it in:

  • gives you a buff that prevents you from downing once in the next 15 seconds.
  • heals the revived target to full health.
  • teleports the revived target to your position.
  • increases the Radius of the revive and revives 2 additional targets.

Last but not least will give you access to which is a massive burst heal on a low Cooldown that does not have a cast time. The healing from will happen around the Elementalist.


Conjures are unique weapon that Elementalist creates for themselves and that can be picked up by allies.

The most notable is that provides extra damage by using and . You can use against a wall on bosses like Conjured Amalgamate or Keep Construct if the situation allows for it.

For healing can be used as it provides extra Healing Power and a 20% buff to outgoing healing by using . is also the strongest healing Auto Attack which Elementalist has access to.

Remember that you can pick up the weapon again in your rotation !


Cantrip are mostly defensive skill to improve mobility and survivability.

The two most notable are:

  • allows you to teleport, can be useful whilst dealing with mechanics.
  • increases your movement speed and makes you invulnerable for a short time period.

Others can be used situationally:

  • gives you Protection and Stability.
  • cleanses 5 condition and inflicts Burning.


Signets provide strong passive effects that also have an active when used. Whilst your signet is on Cooldown, the passive ability will be disabled. There are a few signets that you will see in PvE:

  • heals every time you cast a spell.
  • improves critical chance and applies a lot of Burning on a short Cooldown.
  • provides a long ranged heal for your subgroup.


Tempest have access to shouts that all have their own utility:

  • provides a triple pulse heal with a condition cleanse on the final pulse.
  • for Aegis, Protection, Magnetic Aura and an Immobilize.
  • for Regeneration,Frost Aura and a Chilled debuff.
  • for Might and Fire Aura.
  • for Stun Break, Stability, Superspeed and Swiftness.
  • to prevent your subgroup from entering downstate.


Weaver have access to stances that grant a temporary buff to the player.

They can all be used in different situation but some are more visible than other:

  • deals damage based on your current attunements.
  • grants barriers each second for 5 second.
  • evades attacks.
  • reduces the Cooldown of attunements and gain bonuses.


Catalyst have access to augments that grants bonuses which are improved whilst being around the Jade sphere of the corresponding attunement.

Trait Lines


The Fire traitline will increase your Burning and Might generation.

, , are used for Power build and can be swapped with for more Condition Damage.


The Air traitiline is used to improve your Power and Ferocity.

, , are the most used traits for Power build, can be used instead of on non-defiant enemies.


The arcane traitline reduces the attunements Cooldown and is mainly used for support.

, , are mainly used for healing and helping revive teammates, and can be used on dps oriented support builds.


The Water traitline improves your healing and condition cleansing.

, , are the most commonly used when considering a healing build.


The Earth traitline improves the condition builds and reduces the damage taken.

, , are the most used traits that provides the best damage for condition builds.


The Tempest traitline grants you access to overloads and helps you provide boons to your party and Concentration to yourself.

, , provides Vigor, Regeneration and Alacrity to your party whilst and provide a nice damage boost to yourself.


The Weaver traitline grants you access to dual-attacks and improves your damage.

, , are mainly used for condition build, can be swapped for to improve Power build.


The Catalyst traitline grants you access to Jade sphere and improves your damage and attributes.

, , will give the best Power damage output.

Breakbar Skills

Specialization Skill Name Skill Type Breakbar Damage
Elementalist Weapon Skill 150
Elementalist Weapon Skill 200
Elementalist Weapon Skill 100
Elementalist Weapon Skill 232
Elementalist Weapon Skill 200
Elementalist Weapon Skill 200
Elementalist Weapon Skill 400
Tempest Weapon Skill 150
Tempest Weapon Skill 200
Weaver Weapon Skill 200
Weaver Weapon Skill 200
Weaver Weapon Skill 150
Weaver Weapon Skill 100
Weaver Weapon Skill 125
Catalyst Weapon Skill 200
Catalyst Weapon Skill 150

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