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Power Daredevil Gameplay Guide

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Somehow, Qadim returned

General Gameplay Tips

It is extremely important that you stay above 90% HP at all times to benefit from the damage modifiers of and , and the bonus Critical Chance from !

When fighting Defiant enemies (enemies with a Breakbar in any condition, even when depleted and the enemy is Exposed), you always gain the +7% Critical Chance from .

It may be tempting to trait . By sacrificing , you reduce your peak damage potential by 6.3%. Bear in mind that you have your heal skill, many dodges, some damage reduction in the Daredevil Trait Line, and will likely have a dedicated healer in your subgroup (if you only have one healer in your squad, jockey for position in their subgroup!)

If you plan to use Stolen Skills off cooldown, always deplete your Endurance at the start of a fight/phase to be able to without losing the bonus (due to ).

will only flip over to if all 5 blows connect, so be mindful of moving targets.

Spirit Vale

Vale Guardian

Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

The Stolen Skill you get from Vale Guardian (and its colored forms) is Unstable Artifact. This can be used as a Shadowstep if you get ported by or to Pull someone in who has been Downed.

Use on Vale Guardian, or on the Green Guardian if CC on it is slow (because everyone usually wastes all their CC on the Blue Guardian).

You can bring for extra Breakbar damage.

If the Blue AoEs appear when you are about to use , you can use instead to Dodge it.


Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

The Stolen Skill you get from Gorseval is Unstable Artifact. This can be used as a Shadowstep between the Charged Souls during the split phase.

When attacking the Charged Soul during the split phases you should try to stand in light fields. You have a lot of whirl finishers, from and , and this can be used to clear the Weakness from your subgroup. Clearing this Weakness will mean that you kill the Charged Soul faster.

Breakbar Phase

If you are dying during the Breakbar phase, you should prioritize using and . These are slow hitting skills that will cause you to take less damage from the retaliation but still maintain your DPS.

Don't forget to use to help CC.


Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

The Stolen Skill you get from Sabetha is Unstable Artifact; you can use this to Shadowstep to the Launch Pads. The Stolen Skill skill you get from the Champions is Throw Magnetic Bomb; use it with your active when Sabetha returns.

Drain your Endurance while you are waiting for the Champions to spawn, because this will give you the damage bonus from . You can also prepare the last hit of your auto-chain by attacking when they are still Invulnerable.

CC on this boss is not as important so you can use instead of . If you have trust issues, swap to .

Be especially mindful of your positioning here while she is doing her "Flamewall" .

If you are doing cannons, two auto attack chains and should be enough to destroy it. You should also consider taking in order to return to the boss more quickly after destroying the cannon, but be careful not to arrive in the path of .

Salvation Pass


Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

Start on Pistol / Pistol and precast one Dodge. Dodge once Slothasor becomes hostile and use twice, then swap back to Staff and Dodge into your normal opener.

The Stolen Skill you get from Slothasor is Soul Stone Venom; once activated you will cleanse all conditions on your entire squad and gain you a small amount of personal DPS for each condition cleansed.

Soul Stone Venom has no cast time and can be used off Cooldown. The downside of this is that it will cleanse only one condition as the venom stack lasts for 30 seconds and will cleanse the next incoming condition. Only do this if you don't have to worry about Fear, or corruption from the Slublings.

Soul Stone Venom is roughly a in terms of personal DPS gain.

Make sure that you deplete your Initiative before the Breakbar by spamming .

Remember that you can use and to get back to Slothasor if you had to move away due to a mechanic.

Breakbar Phase

Descending priority: Breakbar damage

  • Up to 750 :
  • 400 : Staff . Be aware that Slothasor's Fixate will Reveal you, preventing you from entering Stealth!
  • 200 :
  • 200 : Pistol

Drain your Endurance during the Breakbar so you start the next phase with the damage bonus from . You can also prime by attacking Slothasor while he is still Invulnerable.


Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

The Stolen Skill you get from Matthias is Detonate Plasma, which is helpful for maintaining boons. You can also use it to give everyone in your subgroup Aegis to block the damage from , reducing pressure on your healer(s). Position yourself in the middle of your group and use Detonate Plasma just before detonates.

During Blood Shield, make sure to drain your Endurance, prime a , and time a Dodge to land just as the last stack goes away to maximize your DPS.

In the case of a partially failed reflect, you can stand inside Matthias's hitbox and use to reflect a few stacks at a time. This is a last ditch effort for when your team does not have any other reflects available.

Be careful when Matthias uses . Even if a Druid placed , will take priority if you are in his hitbox and reflect all 15 stacks back to Matthias. In the case that you do not have someone consistently negating , you can instead stand at max melee range and do any attack other than to intentionally eat some of the damage to gain Blood Fueled to increase your damage by 10% for a short duration. You should disable your auto-attack setting in this scenario.

Use to move away when you get mechanics and use and to return to Matthias.

Breakbar Phase

Use on the Breakbar, since will most likely get wasted on Matthias.

You can also use .

Use on the boss then use on the sacrifice to provide an additional 200 Breakbar damage without hurting your personal DPS too much.

Stronghold of the Faithful

Keep Construct

Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

The Stolen Skill you get from the Keep Construct is Unstable Artifact; however the Phantasms give Detonate Plasma. Try to from the Phantasms and not from Keep Construct.

Hold onto one Detonate Plasma and use it before the burn phase. This will ensure instant Quickness and Fury.

Drain all your Initiative before you break Keep Construct, as you will have plenty of time to regenerate it before the burn phase.

You can swap to Pistol / Pistol if you are forced to move away from Keep Construct due to (the spread mechanic). You can use to move away quickly if you need it. You can use to get back in quickly.


Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

The Stolen Skill you get from Xera is Soul Stone Venom. This is a 10 person condition cleanse and can be used at times when your party is suffering from a condition overload. During the first phase, for a nice DPS increase you should focus on using it instantly when the phantasms give everyone three conditions before your healers cleanse them. During the second phase, you should instead save Soul Stone Venom for when the orbs give everyone Slow.

Use your Pistol / Pistol set during the pre-event on the second island. This allows you to range DPS the shard down while standing on a button. You can use this at 20% if you are ported as well.

Take here unless add management is a problem, in which case use instead. If adds are not cleaved effectively, may not actually hit Xera during the Breakbar.

If your party is struggling with shard clearing you can onto the shards to help out.

If you are ported at 40% or 20%, you can use to get back to Xera quickly once you've killed the shard.

Bastion of the Penitent

Mursaat Overseer

Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

This boss is literally a DPS golem. Just practise a good rotation and be happy.

The Stolen Skill you get from Mursaat Overseer is Detonate Plasma. Use one Detonate Plasma as soon as the fight starts (after the boonstrip!) but save one until the Jade Soldiers come in. This ensures Resistance and Protection for when they explode.


Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

Take Pistol / Pistol on your second set. At the start of the third phase Samarog will be stationary while he uses , so use and Throw Magnetic Bomb.

The Stolen Skill you get from Samarog is Throw Magnetic Bomb. Don't be greedy—the damage is good, but it's Breakbar contribution is phenomenal and will minimize DPS downtime!

You may want to take instead of (found in the Deadly Arts Trait Line), in high DPS groups to hard carry the Breakbar; in most groups, don't bother.

Deplete your Initiative before the Breakbar by spamming .

Breakbar Phase

Breakbar damage

  • 450 : Throw Magnetic Bomb
  • 750 :
  • 400 : Staff
  • 200 : (last resort)

Drain your Endurance during the Breakbar so you will start the next phase with the damage bonus from . You can also prime by attacking Samarog while he is still Invulnerable. Save one dodge to avoid as will net you more DPS than jumping them.


Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

The Stolen Skill you get from Deimos is Unstable Artifact. This can be used as a Shadowstep if you get Launched by the pizza attack or to Pull in the hand kiter if they get Downed.

Since you usually do not have any dodges available, you are very reliant on your supports to give you Aegis for each pizza attack. If you notice that you are not getting it, consider saving some Initiative to dodge it with .

The Stolen Skill you get from Saul is Throw Magnetic Bomb. This can be used to help CC the first and third Saul.

You can swap out for to help with CC.

Try to line up and Throw Magnetic Bomb with the buff from Unnatural Signet.

Hall of Chains


Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

The Stolen Skill you get from Dhuum is Unstable Artifact. This can be used to Pull and easily resurrect allies, or as a Shadowstep for mobility when you get (bomb), do a green or break a . After a mechanic, you can back in to Dhuum. Always keep one Unstable Artifact stored.

You can run Pistol - Pistol as your second weapon set. This can be used for ranged DPS during the and also to provide a smoke field if you Stealth the Reapers.

Final 10% Phase

During the final 10% phase, is pretty weird. You need to cast it from the edge of the circle, towards Dhuum, and then backpedal while auto attacking.

Mythwright Gambit

Conjured Amalgamate

Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

from Conjured Shields yields Throw Magnetic Bomb; Conjured Greatswords yield Unstable Artifact which is fairly useless for this encounter.

Your group won't kill the Arm before it lifts back up, but it will definitely die in the second burn as people use their Conjured Slash. You should therefore save and Throw Magnetic Bomb to use on Conjured Amalgamate's main body.

Start your burst on the Arm before it lifts back up, and don't do a second burst; save it for after, when Conjured Amalgamate's main body is vulnerable.

Once Conjured Amalgamate is vulnerable don't activate your burst yet. Use the standard rotation of:

  • Dodge.
  • .
  • .

Begin your burst rotation once the orb collection has finished and Conjured Slash has been used on Conjured Amalgamate to give at least five stacks of Fractured.

During the second burn remember that Conjured Amalgamate phases at 25%, so adapt your burst timing. You will most likely have to start it during your teammates Conjured Slash casts so pay attention to it.

For the last burn phase remember that you can hit both Conjured Amalgamate and the second Arm if you’re close enough.


Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

  • You can take a second Staff with and . Swap to this when you need to kill the Destroyer.
  • If you are kiting, take Heal skill and a Berserker's Rifle with and as your 2nd weapon. Kneel in the corner of Qadim's platform on a blue patch and use to kill the Lava Elementals.
  • If you are clearing the lamp, you should take an Assassin's Shortbow with and .

The Stolen Skill you get from Qadim, the Destroyer and Wyvern Patriarch is Throw Magnetic Bomb. You get Detonate Plasma from the Hydra, Wyvern Matriarch and Pyre Guardians.

Throw Magnetic Bomb provides a lot of DPS and Breakbar damage against Qadim, and makes Pulling and Cleaving the Greater Magma Elemental painless.

Your group might want you to bring to return to Qadim after killing the Pyre Guardian(s). If so, swap out .

How to use Throw Magnetic Bomb

You can get an initial Throw Magnetic Bomb from Qadim right at the start of the encounter and then quickly return back to your squad at the Hydra. You can also obtain it from the Greater Magma Elementals during the Pyre Guardian pre-event.

  • Start your burst rotation with Bomb before your first Dodge (don't Dodge too soon and interrupt your Bomb!)
    • When you can Bomb Bomb, make sure they both hit during active !
  • your first Bomb before the fight and use it on the Hydra.
    • Then from the Hydra and save the Detonate Plasma.
    • Use the first Detonate Plasma on the Pyre Guardian and the second when you get back to Qadim.
  • During the DPS Phase, from Qadim and use your Bombs on him, but save one to Pull and Cleave the Greater Magma Elemental.
    • Before Qadim hits 66%, save one Bomb for the Destroyer's Breakbar.
  • During the Split Phase, steal from Destroyer and Wyvern Patriarch and use Bombs on them. Save the last Bomb for Qadim.

Key of Ahdashim


Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

You should take a second staff here with and ; swap to this staff whenever you use the special action Flash Discharge or .

The Stolen Skill you get from Sabir is Unstable Artifact. This can be used as a Shadowstep between platforms, for DPS or to apply soft CC via Immobilize.

Constantly pay attention to the number of stacks of Violent Currents. Until you have five stacks, it is better to eat incoming damage and stand in front of Sabir to reach five stacks.

To avoid , instead of using the Tornados to jump over it, you can instead use or Unstable Artifact to teleport through the wave as it approaches you. You can take a few steps back away from the boss to make timing this easier. Teleporting over the wave is key to having good DPS on this fight as it increases you DPS uptime and maintains the stacks of Violent Currents.

If you're using Unstable Artifact, be cautious of the cast time and Downed teammates. If you Pull a Downed ally to you, then you won't teleport over the wave, resulting in you going Down, and possibly getting the other person hit again, resulting in their instant death.

Breakbar Phase

For the coordinated Breakbar, instead of using the Special Action Key, you can use instead so you can keep Violent Currents for more DPS. Just keep the cast time in mind, and begin casting it slightly before the group uses all their Special Action Keys.

You can also use .


Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

The Stolen Skill you get from Adina is Detonate Plasma. This helps with boon uptime and can be very useful for quick split phases.

After the first Pillar is destroyed, you can instantly to Adina and start your rotation.

You should avoid getting Pillars as your ranged damage with is very poor.

is a great tool to traverse the platform and can get you out of sticky situations.

You should always keep Detonate Plasma for the split phases. The instant boons help you kill the Hands quicker and the Stability can prevent you from getting knocked off the platform.

Qadim the Peerless

Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

The Stolen Skill you get from Qadim the Peerless is Unstable Artifact. This can be used to Pull in Downed party members or to grab an Orb if someone forgets!

Use to help CC the Pylons at the start. You can also use and .

Save Endurance so you can Dodge through (big shockwave).

When Qadim the Peerless rushes to destroy Pylons at 40%, 30% and 20%, you can swap to your Pistol / Pistol set and use to upkeep DPS.

You can also swap to Pistol / Pistol and use on the Anomalies. Do this as a last resort as it'll hurt your DPS a lot.

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