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Heal Quickness Herald Gameplay Guide

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*notices ur dps number* OwO whats this?

General Gameplay tips

Heal Quickness Herald (hereafter referred to as Hewald) is a powerful and versatile healer. Hewald has multiple sources of passive and burst healing, great access to supplemental boons, and offers large amounts of Crowd Control. Hewald also has multiple blocks and damage mitigation available (including an immortality button), making it an effective and comfortable tank for any raid boss.

Hewald is a Specialization of the Revenant class, and thus utilizes its unique Legend profession mechanic. You equip 2 Legends to swap between, and you have 5 different Legends to choose from. This means that unlike other classes, you utility slots are determined by your currently channeled Legend. You essentially have 10 utility slots, but cannot mix-and-match them like other professions.for example, if you want to utilize the projectile destruction of , you must take .

This mechanic takes out some of the complexity and micromanaging of utilities for specific encounters that most other healing builds have to contend with, in exchange for that flexibility.Hewald has a plethora of boons and unique utility, but it cannot bring them all.

Your utilities being tied to your channeled Legend also adds the layer of Legend and Energy management to the Hewald build. If you think your squad is about to take a spike of damage, you may want to delay swapping off for example. But if you camp one Legend for too long, you may run out of Energy and be unable to cast important skills, or drop boons your second Legend was providing. You also have multiple traits that proc based on swapping your Legend. Managing your Legend swaps and being aware of your energy uses and needs will be a key part of learning to properly utilize Heal Quickness Hewald.

The Boons

While your primary roles are providing Quickness and healing for your subsquad, Hewald can (and will likely be expected to) provide many other boons. Hewald traditionally has access to Might, Fury, Swiftness, Regeneration, and Protection, with some additional access to Vigor, Resistance, and squad-wide Stability :o


Quickness is provided by , which pulses Quickness to your subsquad while you have 6 or more points of upkeep active. Basically, whenever your energy is passively draining, you grant Quickness! All Legends have access to at least one upkeep draining skill, so you can provide Quickness in any Legend.

  • Facets in
  • in
  • in
  • in
  • in


Your Might comes from , , and blasting your fire field from Searing Fissure with , , or . Hewald is great at maintaining Might, but can be slow to ramp up, which is why it is important to blast your fire field at the start of an encounter or phase. Any time you apply a boon (even to yourself), you also grant Might, so be sure to keep up a steady supply of boons. You will be expected to maintain 25 stacks of Might in most compositions.


  • Pulses Fury every 3 seconds.
  • If you are taking the Devastation Trait Line, provides Fury on a 10 second interval.


  • pulses Swiftness every 3 seconds.
  • grants Swiftness when activated.


  • pulses Regeneration every 3 seconds.
  • applies Regeneration when cast.
  • Due to , you give Regeneration when swapping to .


  • pulses Protection every 3 seconds.
  • provides Protection after it returns to you.
  • Due to , you provide Protection when swapping to .

If you need even more Protection uptime, you can swap to , which gives Protection when cleansing a condition from an ally.


  • grants Vigor when activated.


  • gives Resistance when cast.
  • If you are taking , grants Resistance.


If you are expected to provide Stability for an encounter as Hewald, you will likely need to bring . places a road on the ground that pulses Stability, and functionally ignores the target cap of 5, allowing you to give consistent timed Stability to all 10 of your squadmates!

  • while Tranquil will also grant Stability.
  • Due to , you provide Stability when swapping to .
<Make sure your Facets are allowed to pulse for a time before consuming or swapping Legends to upkeep their boons.>


As a Hewald, you have a variety of fun buttons with diverse uses, in addition to your boring buttons that give boons.

Passive Healing

  • Your Staff auto chain
  • Regeneration buffed by
  • (Ventari) aka Regeneration 2
  • Water Sigil
  • Using any Legend Skill, through
  • Giving boons to allies, due to

Active Healing

  • Your Dodge roll, due to

Condition Cleanse

  • (Ventari)
  • Your Dodge roll, with
  • Using Blast Finishers or Whirl Finishers inside

Crowd Control (CC)

  • (150 per hit)
  • (232)
  • (300)
  • (150)
  • (300)
  • (200)

Other Fun Buttons

  • (3 seconds of immortality)
  • (Channeled Block, doesn't root)
  • (Channeled Block, does root) (self heal)
  • (Evade)
  • (Fire Field)
  • (Blast Finisher)
  • (Blast Finisher)
  • (Blast Finisher)
  • (Whirl Finisher)
  • (Light Field) (Projectile Destruction) (A Friend) (Maybe more, if you dare)
  • (Vulnerability and Blind)
  • (Chilled and Weakness) (Ground Target)
  • (Glint) (20% Boon Duration for everyone in your sub. Can overcap)
  • (Jalis) (Damage Reduction)
  • (Glint) (Extend boons)


While Mace/Shield | Staff are your comfy and traditional weapons, Hewald has access to multiple other weapons with potential niche uses.

If you are replacing Mace, make sure your alacrity partner and/or your dps are providing might initially to cover the ramp up.

Feel free to replace your Shield with one of the off-hand options if you don't feel the need for the extra burst heal or the Block.

Mainhand Sword

  • Provides Vulnerability
  • provides….wait for it…Chilled (waow)
  • is, technically, a movement skill (but watch out)
  • Most dps for Power-based dps greeding

Offhand Sword

Consider off-hand Sword if you don't need Shield, or you find yourself wanting Immobilize or Vulnerability.

  • provides a sharp burst of Vulnerability as well as some Immobilize
  • is your best movement skill. Even if you’re out of range of the target, it will teleport you the full amount

Offhand Axe

Consider off-hand Axe if you need a lot of CC. Both Skills will contribute nicely to CC bars. If you don't need your Shield, Axe gives the most dps for Condition damage.

  • is a movement skill, but be careful as it takes you through the target. It also provides Chilled
  • is extra cc and a small Pull


Hammer is mostly useful for kiting on Dhuum, but it can potentially have a niche on other encounters if you need ranged cc or want to have fun with .

  • is a very unique movement skill, as well as an evade
  • is a ranged CC


You are a Hewald, and thus must take the Herald Trait Line. Luckily, it's a fantastic traitline. There isn't really any trait variation here for Hewald, as , , and are essential to the build.

  • makes your Regeneration stronger. A handy trait for a build that relies on its consistant and strong passive healing
  • is your main way of applying Might to your squad. Anytime you grant a boon (even to yourself) you give Might to your friends ^.^
  • makes it so you grant Quickness if you have at least 6 points of upkeep active. It also heals allies when granting them boons (not yourself though)

The Salvation Trait Line is your healing-focused traitline. There are many good options here, providing us with additional healing and large healing modifiers. The highlighted traiits are traditional reccomended ones for Hewald, but there is potential variation here.

  • makes it so your Dodge Roll heals allies. The heal happens at the end of the Dodge, so keep that in mind when trying to take advantage of this trait
  • is an additive healing modifier, and also lets our skills give boons in addition to their usual effects
  • is another healing modifier that procs when swapping Legends. Even more reason not to camp a Legend
  • is healing on Blind, Immobilize and hard CC. It's not a huge ammount of healing, but still a welcome addition, especially since your largest CC skill moves you away from the group
  • adds additional healing to allies when you use a skill or Consume a Facet in
  • removes a condition at the end of your Dodge Roll. This is typically inferior to but may find use if you're struggling specifically with condition pressure
  • is more personal survivability. Most of your healing modifiers and additional healing from traits don't apply to yourself, so you may find yourself struggling in high damage scenarios where your squad is fine
  • grants Protection when cleansing a condition from an ally, to that ally. This trait can work if you are struggling with Protection uptime, but you must actually cleanse a condition

Your third traitline has some flexibility. None of your options have direct healing benefits, so your selection will be based on how much you like what they have to offer.

The Devastation Trait Line gives increased Vulnerability application, more survivability through Battle Scars, and free Fury.

  • is 5 stacks of Vulnerability at the start of combat or after using an Elite Skill. Other traits in Devastation Trait Line interact with Vulnerability, so this trait is built in synergy
  • grants Battle Scars when using your healing skill. Battle Scars give Lifesteal to your attacks, and are a nice source of passive healing for yourself
  • is a free 50% uptime on Fury. Boring but practical
  • is more, better Battle Scars

The Invocation Trait Line gives extended uptime on Protection, Regeneration, or Stability, depending on what Legends you bring, as well as potentially giving you more Energy to work with.

  • is extra personal Condition cleanse
  • is more damage. If you dont specifically need stra Condition cleanse, this is the trait of choice despite being a DPS focused trait
  • gives a boon when swapping Legends, based on which Legend you channel. gives Protection, gives Regeneration, and gives Stability. This can add a nice cushion for maintaining these boons and allow you to use your Energy for other things
  • is the main draw of the Invocation Trait Line. If you swap below 10 Energy, you start with 75 Energy instead of 50 on your next Legend. If you don't think you can effectively utilize the extra Energy, the Devastation Trait Line is a better choice

Spirit Vale

Vale Guardian

Skills Weaponset

General Herald tips

You may want to delay swapping off if you know is about to go off. Activate a second before the hits to instantly heal your squad after the damage spike. Your Regeneration and other passive heals should keep the squad topped off outside of spikes.

If you are stuck on for , a second before it goes off, and then -> should heal your squad up.

Use and to help with CC. is also CC, but Vale Guardian's CC is accompanied by a spike in incoming damage, so it can be risky to explode your tablet and lose access to .

and can also be used to push back Seekers. moves you, so make sure you keep track of before smashing yourself into a Seeker and away from your group.

Split Phases

You will accompany the main squad to Blue Guardian during a 2 way split. Unfortunately, you lack range, so it’s inconvenient to pull Green Guardian. You can run close to it and use to draw it over.

Your boons are fairly easy to upkeep during the split with your normal rotation. Make sure you start on when returning to the full squad to give your supplemental boons, as well positioning yourself to swap to for the incoming and .


Hewald is a fantastic tank for Vale Guardian. You can Dodge into the wall of the arena to avoid if you are edge tanking, or use one of your two blocks, or . They are channeled blocks, so they will block any number of circles underneath you.

For , you can heal your allies the same as if you were not tanking, but you will have to account for your own health. Vale Guardian likes to auto attack after finishing , which can down you with bad timing. If you are in , you can channel one of your blocks ( or ) and still heal people with , as the skill doesn’t have a cast time. While in , you will not be able to heal while blocking, so to stay safe you can always use , as it will negate the damage from both and the auto attack, allowing you to safely attend to your squad.

It is still possible to use to CC during as tank, but be cautious since the skill moves you. If you are against the wall you can can move through him during his animation lock and Sugre towards the wall to ensure you keep him pointed away from the group after CC.

Gorseval the Multifarious

Skills Weaponset

General Herald tips

Start the fight on so you can immediately place for your squad to protect them from the Knockback effect of Gorseval's . Giving Stability for this mechanic will be one of your main jobs throughout the encounter. has a cast time, and sometimes needs to pulse a few times to ensure it covers all 10 squad members, so be sure to cast it in advance.

Most of the healing pressure on Gorseval is concentrated around his attack. While this attack is active, Gorseval reflects hits aimed at him with Vivid Echo, and spawns black goo around the arena, which inflicts 25 stacks of Vulnerability to anyone standing in it when it pops.

Your healing is much more limited by not having . This, combined with your ability to do heavy damage to the Breakbar Gorseval gains during this attack, means that Hewald will thrive in groups which aim to break this bar as quickly as posible. In groups that hold their CC, you will have to rely on your Staff auto chain, , and to keep your squad healthy. Save to cleanse the Vulnerability applied by the goo.

Split Phases

and apply Chilled to help slow down the Charged Souls if they are getting close to Gorseval.

If you take off-hand Sword, inflicts Immobilize. They are multiple small hits, so make sure another squad member hasn't Immobilized them for a longer duration.

also applies Chilled on a much lower cooldown, so mainhand Sword is an option if your group needs your help to keep the Charged Souls at bay.

Make sure you’re keeping your energy draining and are attacking the Charged Souls to upkeep boons.

You will want to end each Split Phase on so you can immediately place to give Stability for your squad.


Hewald is a fantastic tank for Gorseval. Your job is the same as if you were not tanking, just keep him still and pointed away from the group. None of his attacks are threatening, so you don’t need to worry about blocking them for yourself.

Facing the boss can make it easier to see his Swipe -> Slam pattern to provide Stability for .

Sabetha the Saboteur

Skills Weaponset

General Herald tips

You can use to get to Sabetha before the rest of your squad to bait the first Time Bomb.

If you notice someone not moving off the group with the Time Bomb, you can prepare to instantly heal your squad after the explosion.

You can kite the . Make sure to Dodge into the group when she shoots to give boons before you have to head back out.

You can use your Ventari Tablet to heal the group from range if needed.

If you are baiting the Sapper Bombs, can help you get into position to throw to your cannon-goer. It shadowsteps you the full distance even if you wan't reach the target, but you can't use it without a target, so it may not always be a viable option.

Mini Boss Phases

If you are the Kiter, make sure to spend time with the squad to stack extra boons. Once Sabetha returns to do her Flamethrower attack, consume in to extend boons before you have to leave the stack again.

Salvation Pass


Skills Weaponset

General Herald tips

Most of the pressure on this fight comes from conditions inflicted by the poison floor and the Evolved Slublings corrupting your boons.

If you are taking , don’t take so you don’t give random Stability when swapping to , as the Evolved Slublings can corrupt it to Fear.

You can use to block his attack! Stand inside Slothasor's hitbox when he is standing still, preparing to shake. When he starts the animation, activate and jump up and down, you can body block many of the spores.

If you brough off-hand Axe, is a small Pull. It is best used for gathering Slublings up for someone with a targeted Pull into the group.

While 10 man Stability is very nice, is also quite strong on Slothasor. If your squad is struggling with healing, you can bring so long as Stability for the other subsquad is covered. You can continue to provide Stability for your own sub with while Tranquil.

blocks the Slubling projectiles, while and in condition cleanse.

has no cast time, so it can be used to cleanse your subsquad of Fear in an emergency. You can even move the Tablet to a Feared squadmate and cleanse them at range to save them.

Breakbar Phases

Make sure you back out of Slothasor's hitbox and line up your shot before you his Breakbar.

Use or while Tranquil right before the Breakbar ends to provide Stability for the Fear roar.

Matthias Gabrel

Skills Weaponset

General Herald tips

There is a lot of condition pressure on this fight, make sure you are proactive with your cleanses.

You can place directly under Matthias before he uses to absorb the projectiles from the attack (though you can't protect people from the physical part of the attack)

You can use on the Icy Patches, the Burning it inflicts will melt them.

You can use to instantly cleanse your in a clean fountain.

Keep your eyes out for people struggling while completing mechanics that require them to leave stack, and leave your Tablet with them to give ranged heals and cleanses. DPS players tend to be skittish creatures, so try not to surprise them with a fast moving Tablet or they may run away.

During the phase transition at 40%, you can use while Tranquil to give Stability for the Fear.

CC Phases

isn’t that strong here as you can only get a few hits of it in. Thankfully you have many other options in , , and .

<Be careful with ! If the bubble is active while Matthias is using it will absorb the projectiles and prevent them from being reflected.>

Stronghold of the Faithful

Keep Construct

Skills Weaponset

General Herald tips

Keep Construct is a faily low pressue encounter. Off-hand sword is used to apply a burst of Vulnerability with for the burn phases, and the additional mobility from is helpful for his spread mechanic.

You can provide Stability for by using while Tranquil.

Keep an eye on any squad members standing in his attack, and be ready to heal them and cleanse the Confusion the attack inflicts.

Split Phase

You can push the Orby. The first 2 hits of the Staff auto chain push the orb straight, but the 3rd hit can be inconsistent. You can use for an additional push on the Orby. Make sure you get back to the group before the Orby is taken to ensure boons are up for the Burn Phase.

During Hungry Hippos you can leave the Tablet in the center with (Ventari) on to gently heal your squadmates.


Skills Weaponset

General Herald tips

You should take a button during the tower minigame.

Make sure you are draining your energy and specifically pulsing strength facet on the final platform while you wait for Xera to spawn in. You want to get 25 stacks of Might before the squad lands on the platform. Because of the waiting periods between the boss phases, you shouldn't need Mace to build Might.

Be careful with and when using them on the Breakbar, you dont want to accidentally Knockback all the adds someone carefully pulled in.

If she is being tanked on the edge, make sure you position yourself safely before using on the Breakbar.


Hewald is a great tank for Xera. You have multiple blocks in and Shield 5 to protect yourself from , so you don’t have to worry about sidestepping the attack.

You can also to protect yourself from , even mid frenzy if you want.

You may not want to her Breakbar while tanking to avoid potentially messing up her positioning.

Bastion of the Penitent


Skills Weaponset

General Herald tips

provides Stability to all 10 squad members to avoid the Float from failing Cairn's green mechanic. You can can have road ready for all greens, with proper Legend swapping management.

You should try to bait one of the agonies, as your boons and healing will still reach your squad while you are slightly off stack.

While taking , you lose out on your main burst healing option, so you will mostly rely on your passive healing options, which will be more than sufficient if the group is stacked properly.

If your group is not skipping Greens or is struggling with incoming damage, you can take over . blocks Cairn's auto attacks, negating a significant amount of incoming damage.

You can also move your tablet to heal allies who have been teleported or are off stack with Spectral Agony.

Mursaat Overseer

Skills Weaponset

General Herald tips

Consider taking this opportunity to ask Glint about her day.

If a Jade Soldier is about to explode, you can press a second before it goes off to instantly heal up. Use or to cleanse the Slow from theJade Soldiers.

You don’t need to move during your rotation, so you can easily Claim.


Skills Weaponset

General Herald tips

This is a low healing pressure fight, so you might as well take . Stability will protect your squad from getting slapped around by Samarog's Shockwave and Spear Swipe attacks.

You should try to avoid getting Fixated, as you can contribute a significant amount of CC due to Samarog's hitbox size. The exception is if your group is phasing to the next Breakbar before is off Cooldown.

Breakbar Phases

Make sure you position yourself fully outside of Samarog's hitbox, and align yourself to his head/tail, so you can get the maximum number of hits from . If you start from inside his hitbox, it may not count any hits.

You can heal your impaled friend during the Breakbar if they are in danger.

Split Phases

You can give Stability for Guldhem's Daze attack.

You can use to push Rigom

If he’s really wandered off, you can Rigom to bring him closer to the boss.


Skills Weaponset

General Herald tips

In the case of a tragic accident befalling your designated Handkite, you can backup Handkite with no changes to your build. Simply hang out furthest away from Deimos, keep up Protection and Regeneration, and block with , , or . You can move your Tablet to the group or to Saul to heal from range. If your group is tanking him near the center instead of leading him around, you can still provide Quickness even from handkite range.

If you don't go to the ward for , Deimos will inflict Weak Minded. Keep an eye on your health during this time, as most of your juicy healing modifiers only apply to your allies, not yourself.

You can’t provide Aegis for this fight, so make sure your Alacrity buddy or another squadmate is bringing Aegis (or that people are ok with dodging ).

You should contribute to Breakbars when you can, but the small, frequent Breakbars that both Saul the Thief and Saul the Drunkard get don’t play to Hewald's CC strengths.


While Hewald has no issues personally tanking Deimos, you lose access to your main niche (backup Handkite), as you already have your hands full. You also have no way to provide Aegis to your squad, so you cannot protect your friends from Deimos's attack.

You have and for and .

When your squad is in Hell, you can heal Saul with without interference from the target cap.

Hall of Chains

Soulless Horror

Skills Weaponset

General Herald tips

This fight has a lot of healing pressure, from both the Soulless Horror's attacks and the conditions repeatedly applied. You will also more than likely be tanking, and have to watch out for walls and keep track of the group movement in addition to keeping track of their health.

Make sure to cleanse conditions periodically; your , , and Consume (Ventari) are your active cleanses. If you have up, you can auto in Staff to provide Whirl Finishers and their Cleansing Bolts. If you run the Invocation Trait Line here, you can get more energy in to cleanse and burst heal for spicy situations.

Be extra ready with cleanses and heals if you see a murder scythe thats going to wander through the group and courrupt boons.

Try not to use if the Tormented Dead is up, as you dont want to interrupt your Druid's push with the knockback. If you see him walking back into the group after he is pushed out, you can ROAARR him back out.

Be careful with during the Breakbar, you should make sure your angle won't take you off the edge, into a Tormented Dead puddle, or into a scythe. If you are actively tanking, make sure you return to the boss as quickly as you can after so you are either close to the boss to begin tanking again or to prevent the Tormented Dead from taking a weird path out to you and making the push awkward.


As the only fight in the game that requires 2 deedicated tanks, you will probably be tanking this fight. Good news is that Hewald is a great tank on Soulless Horror.

Try to keep her pointed towards the outside of the arena and away from the rest of your squad. You want to keep her positioned away from the center to make sure the Tormented Dead isn't interferred with, and not too close to the outside of the arena that you're in danger of falling off the side if the edge collapses.

There is a decent ammount of incoming damage on this fight specifically directed at the tank. You can sidestep or block her Auto Attacks (little orange circles) or even just heal through them.

Soulless Horror is animation locked for her larger attacks, small pizza, large pizza, and donut. You can side step both pizza attacks, and back up -> Dodge back in for donut (or block if it unsafe to dodge or you arent saving your blocks).

If you are not currently fixate, it is vital you remain with the group, as the Tormented Dead will chase you.


Skills Weaponset

General Herald tips

Make sure to have a condition cleanse ready for . If you drop Staff, make sure you can swap to right after the attack.

works fantastically for healing the Reapers, and and can help take care of spiders.

You should take a green, especially if you arent doing any other jobs. You can Consume (Glint) before you head up to ensure your squad is happily booned while you're away.

If you are taking Hammer, you can actually use to get to greens. Its a tight timing, as you are only in the teleported location for half a second, so be certain of the skill timing and the green timing before attempting this. You will enter the green, but teleport back t your original location as youre being brought up, so make sure you start your in a safe spot and you're positioned properly to grab your Big Orb.


Hewald makes a great tank for Dhuum, but its a rather boring job. None of his attacks threaten you due to the damage reduction the tank gets, and you dont need to worry about your boons not reaching your allies.

Make sure you don't start moving before he starts Lesser death mark to prevent him from placing a bad mark if he chooses you.


Hewald can happily kite Messengers on Dhuum. You can use your mace to grab them, either with or (carefully), but the range is short. is a great option to leave on a spot you know a Messenger will spawn, as the attack pules for 3 seconds.

You must actually do damage to a Messenger in order to kite it, so skills can't grab them.

If you want a long range option for kiting, Hammer works well here and has some fun uses. and will be your main options. is ranged and has a delay, drop it on spots you know a Messenger will spawn on. works to grab them as well but be careful if you haveMessengers already trailing after you, since the skill teleports you back to your original location.

The Messenger that spawns near your 4:30 green may be difficult and/or impossible to get. The closer spawns can be grabbed with or but the far spawn is out of your reach from your green position.

If you find yourself in danger, either from Messengers or questionable bomb placements, will protect you.

During the pre-event and before your 7:30 green, you want to try to wander by the group as much as possible to keep boons up. You personally will want Protection, Regeneration, and Swiftness for kiting, but make sure youre sprinkling the group with Fury, Might, and Quickness. Stay with the group as long as you can in the final stretch before dhuum gets off his throne, and Consume (Glint) before heading off. After your 7:30 green, boons shouldn't be an issue.

Mythwright Gambit

Conjured Amalgamate

Skills Weaponset

General Herald tips

You don't need your Shield here, so run a different offhand. Sword is good for the extra movement and the burst of Vulnerability from . Axe is also an option if you find that shields are not getting their bars broken/cleaved by SAK swords, as both skills are extra cc.

You can provide Stability for the hand slams with while Tranquil.

Collection Phases

Hewald is a great option for collecting Shields. You have great survivability, your own Swiftness and Superspeed, cleanses for the Slow Chilled and Cripple that the Shields pulse, and blocks/damage mitigation in case of spicy situations.

Your boon radius is huge, so you should be able to still provide Quickness for much of your collecting.

Twin Largos

Skills Weaponset

General Herald tips

Most group compositions struggle with Vulnerability on Twin Largos, so off-hand Sword is reccomended for the burst from . Running the Devastation Trait Line here will give additional Vulnerability.

This encounter is heavy on Condition pressure, especially Slow and Chilled, so keeping on top of your cleanses is important.

Bubble destroys the projectiles from the cc attack :)


Hewald is a great tank on either Kenut or Nikare. For both Largos, you will want to try to hold them as still as possible, while positiioning them to avoid mechanics.

For Nikare's bubble attack, you can block with Staff 3 to avoid dodging and thus have more control of his dash after.


Skills Weaponset

General Herald tips

You can conntribute a lot to the Breakbars on this fight, but can be dangerous as you dont want to end up inside the hitbox for Qadim or his monsters.

You can activate Natural Harmony right before the shockwave attack hits to instantly heal up anyone hit by it.


Hewald makes a great tank for any of the Legendary Creatures. Tanking on this encounter is proximity based; you want to make sure you are the closest person to the creature to maintain Fixate.

The Hydra is the first creature, and also the most dangerous. All of its attacks hit hard, so be sure either sidestep, block, or Infuse Light. The attacks can be Dodge Rolled as well, but doing so can risk losing the fixate or turning the Hydra an unfortunate direction.

The Key of Ahdashim

Cardinal Adina

Skills Weaponset

General Herald tips

Hewald's strengths are perfectly suited to this encounter. Your large radius for boon application ensures you can cover people who are baiting pillars, even if they are standing a little further than they need to.

This fight is generally a faily low pressure encounter, but the last 25% can get dangerous in slow groups due to Eroding Curse, which builds up during the split phase and during the last 25%.

IF you see someone get Immobilized by a pillar, you can use to cleanse them from range.

Offhand sword is a good option here. The Vulnerability burst from is nice to start the boss phases and to help kill hands, and allows you to quickly return to the boss after pillars or split phases.

Split Phases

If you are taking , try to end the jumping puzzle phase below 10 energy on so you have 75 energy for .

Make sure you are on as the hands emerge from the ground. Activate and make sure the bubble is on the group. As soon as the sand projectile hits, you can deactivate your bubble. The timing for the next projectile lines up almost perfectly with being available again, so if you are deactivating at the right time, you should always be able to know when the sand will hit again.

When you are crossing the bridge to the second set of hands, you may want to move the tablet to the far hand and bubble directly in front of it instead of keeping it on the group to ensure no one is hit while moving.

You can maintain the bubble longer for Quickness purposes if you like, but keep a close eye on your energy, you don’t want to be stuck unable to use or when needed.

On the last hand each phase you can swap back to to get everyone re-booned for the main phase, just make sure the squad will kill it before it gets to throw sand again.


Hewald is an ideal tank on Cardinal Adina. Always staying centered is great for your boon application, lowering the chance that someone is out of range.

The only attack you personally have to worry about is the orange cone. If you fail to block this attack, you will be hit with a Knockback, potentially into quicksand or . This attack has a very long startup, but is easily blocked by .

Make sure to keep her pointed away from the group. Her auto attack is a line that will spread out behind you and can damage pilllars. If a pillar gets placed behind you, try to readjust so her autos dont damage it and prevent it from being used as a hiding place.

Cardinal Adina will also place a line of behind you, which hurt pretty badly when they explode. They will explode when she phases, so be ready to heal yourself or absorb the hit with , as their explosion can't be blocked or evaded.

Cardinal Sabir

Skills Weaponset

General Herald tips

This fight has many sturdy Breakbars, and you can contribute a significant amount to them. You can take off-hand Axe here for the extra CC, as both skills are useful. You can even take a Para Sigil; while none of your skills are normally impacted by it, Cardinal Sabir's SAK CC skill Flash Discharge is.

Because players are deliberately standing in front of the boss, there is increased healing pressure both from Cardinal Sabir's auto attacks and Violent Currents. Make sure you keep up your passive healing from Regeneration, Staff autos, and in .

can protect your squad from the Paralyzing Wisps projectiles and the Daze they inflict. It is especially helpful to have up when the squad has to move for .

will let you skip going up for , preserving Flash Discharge for the inpending Breakbars.

Breakbar Phases

You cannot pass through Cardinal Sabir's hitbox, meaning that it is possible to get all 9 hits of if you are centered perfectly on him. Try to use as soon as the Breakbar spawns, before you start to get pushed by the wind maximum effect. Use Flash Discharge as soon as the last hit finishes. Use your other CC skills while waiting for stacks of Violent Currents to build up so you can regain Flash Discharge.

You cannot pass through the hitbox with as well, so you can safely use it as both a movement skill and for CC.

can meaningfully contribute to the coordinated Breakbar as well, just make sure you are aligned to Cardinal Sabir's center. If you hit him at an angle, you will slide off to the side, potentially into a Murder Tornado.

Be ready with to heal your squad up after the Breakbar ends and after they return from the lightning attack.

Qadim the Peerless

Skills Weaponset

General Herald tips

If you don’t believe in your squad's ability to Dodge shockwaves, you can use while Tranquil to give Stability.

If you are dealing with the Entropic Distortions, you can use to CC them from range while they are standing in fire. You can also run up to them and use .

For the first 60% of this encounter, the main group has very little healing pressure. You can move your Tablet around to check in on your pylon kiters and heal them up if they're struggling. They’re tethered in place, so they can’t run away >:3.

will block .


Hewald is a fantastic tank for Qadim the Peerless. Your boons have a large radius, so you should still be able to grant them from the other side of the boss. You get aggro on this boss by being the closest to him with your Flux Disruptor active.

Positioning is key for tanking Qadim the Peerless. (his auto attacks) hit in a cone behind you, so you want to make sure you aren’t pointing him at a kiter or at the group. come in waves of three, and after the third set, he will place on the ground. Make sure this road is in a safe place where it doesn’t inconvenience a pylon kiter or interfere with orb pickup. Placing a road directly on a pylon will recapture it for Qadim the Peerless.

His autos themselves don’t deal that much damage, but each individual orb inflicts Vulnerability. If allowed to build up, the damage can build up very quickly. You have many options for dealing with this attack:

  • Blocking them with either or
  • Absorbing the hits with
  • Dodge rolling directly into the boss or directly away from the boss
  • Using directly into QtP’s hitbox to benefit from the evade, as you can't pass through his hitbox
  • Just eat the hit and heal/cleanse after

It is recommended that you use an option that doesn't move you for the 3rd wave to guarantee [gw2:56441skill] is placed where you intend it to be.

When you swap sides after he places the first , you can pass through the main group to say hi/give boons.

When he is doing any attack other than he won’t be focused on you and you are free to move to the group as well.

If you are tanking you will have difficulty with some Entropic Distortions spawns, it’s best to not be solely responsible for their Breakbar.

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