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Condition Daredevil Gameplay Guide

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Somehow, Qadim returned

General Gameplay Tips

will fire additional projectiles at nearby enemies. Start your Dodge on the outside of the boss's hitbox and move through it to multi-hit the boss!

Remember to maintain the effects of and .

Always try to finish your auto attack chain, as the final skill does the most damage. The second skill, , crucially restores Endurance!

Thanks to and , applies 20 stacks of Poison, dealing 25% more damage than even against a stationary target!

If you need additional Breakbar damage, you should equip an offhand with for 260 Breakbar damage. In such case you should swap your with for a with .

Spirit Vale

Vale Guardian

Skills Weaponset

Condition Daredevil is rather suboptimal against Vale Guardian, but if your squad needs a Condition Damage build for the Red Guardian then this build is a comfortable option.

The Stolen Skill you get from Vale Guardian (and its colored forms) is Unstable Artifact. This can be used as a shadowstep if you get ported by or to Pull someone in who has been Downed.

If your squad is edge-tanking, precast at your starting position as soon as possible. You can precast there again before Phase 2, but be mindful of the new tanking position for the start of Phase 3 (closer to the Red pylon).

When the Blue AoEs appear, use Dodge or to Evade.

You may want to perform your rotation perpendicular to Vale Guardian (i.e. sideways) to reduce the odds of getting hit by the boss's auto attacks.

If you have trust issues, you caslon bring as a group Heal.

Split Phase

Remember you need 4 nearby allies to deal maximum damage with your Venoms, so you may not want to waste their value on the Red Guardian. If you have a Mirage or two Mechanists with you, use them!

You may want to swap to to apply Vulnerability to the Red Guardian if you have enough allies with you.


Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

The Stolen Skill you get from Gorseval is Unstable Artifact.

Try to Dodge inside of his hitbox, particularly if the adds have been pulled close enough to get off more hits.

If you doubt you'll get Stability or Aegis from your supports, adjust the timing of Dodge or to evade Gorseval's Knockback attack.

Breakbar Phase

750 Breakbar damage

If your group CC is slow, you notice your health dropping low, and your healer is slacking, walk outside the AoE while casting , then continue your rotation.

During Gorseval's 3rd phase watch out for —small orange AoEs beneath each player. The Evade from Dodge and do not save you from imprisonment.

Split Phase

You can pre-cast beneath Gorseval during the split phase.

You can use Unstable Artifact to Immobilize the Charged Souls, but note that they do not give a Stolen Skill.

If a Charged Soul is standing inside the AoE of a Spectral Darkness orb, use to destroy the orb.

Your and inflict long duration conditions, so you should move away from each Charged Soul slightly early.

When comes off Cooldown, only use it during downtime: before the Charged Souls are vulnerable, when walking between them, or when the last is dying right before Gorseval is vulnerable.


Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

The Stolen Skill you get from Sabetha is Unstable Artifact. This can be used to pull Downed teammates to safety, especially during the flamewall . If you're greedy, you can use it off Cooldown to trigger and apply more Poison stacks.

The Stolen Skill you get from the champions is Throw Magnetic Bomb. While it's not hugely useful on Condition Daredevil, it can be used to control adds so they dont kick people off the platform while they are going to cannons, or to break Knuckles' Breakbar.

During the mechanic, be very careful and don't flip into it. travels straight through the hitbox, which is safe so long as you don't land in the flame wall. If your positioning is unsafe, strafe and then use .

If you get the Time Bomb mechanic because you're dodging through Sabetha's hitbox, don't let it detonate on your allies.

Salvation Pass


Skills Weaponset

Precast at the first mushroom.

The Stolen Skill you get from Slothasor is Soul Stone Venom; once activated you will cleanse all conditions on your entire squad and gain you a small amount of personal DPS for each condition cleansed.

Soul Stone Venom has no cast time and can be used off Cooldown. The downside of this is that it will cleanse only one condition as the venom stack lasts for 30 seconds and will cleanse the next incoming condition. Only do this if you don't have to worry about Fear, or corruption from the Slublings.

You may want to trait in the Daredevil Trait Line for additional personal condi cleanse. You could also take or as your Heal skill.

Remember that will fire additional projectiles at nearby Slublings, so always use it inside Slothasor's hitbox.

It is possible to Evade the knockdown AoEs from Slothasor's tantrum, but the timing is very risky. You should instead walk out of the AoEs or perform your rotation so that you do not path into one of the AoE indicators.

If you become Fixated by Slothasor, you may want to de-target the boss so you have full control over the direction of Dodge and .

Remember that you can use to get back to Slothasor if you had to move away due to a mechanic. You can also sparingly use .

Breakbar Phase

To help hard-carry the frequent Breakbar Phases, you can take a dagger here with instead of , and a pistol with ; swap to this pistol before using , then spam .

Slothasor loses all conditions when the Breakbar appears, but you can apply new conditions during this phase. You should therefore avoid burning the last of your Initiative on before the bar appears. and apply 20 second duration conditions so you should use them while the Breakbar is active. Conversely you should not use your Venom skills at this time, as their condition durations are only 6-to-8 seconds long.


Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

The Stolen Skill you get from Matthias is Detonate Plasma. This will give your subgroup uptime of Quickness, Protection, and Resistance (which mitigates the effects of Chill and other conditions).

You can use or (sparingly!) as a gap closer if you have to drop mechanics. If you are moving away from Matthias make sure you are NOT targeting him before casting ! (You should also disable auto-targeting)

Take for the sacrifice to help CC, as might be wasted on the boss.

You can still apply conditions when Blood Shield is active but they will deal zero damage; because the Condition Duration of your Venoms is only 6–8 seconds you should wait until Blood Shield is down. Also make sure you don’t waste your Venoms or when Matthias goes Invulunerable at 40%.

Be mindful of getting hit by Matthias' charged-up projectile right after your Dodge or . Learn the animation tells and adjust your Evade timing.

Be careful not to have your skills interrupted in the phase when Unbalanced reaches 10 stacks. The Stability from Detonate Plasma can be used to counteract this mechanic.

Bastion of the Penitent


Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

Precast in the center of the platform.

The Stolen Skill you get from Cairn is Unstable Artifact. This is useful if you happen to get ported away by a circle. Remember that due to , Unstable Artifact is actually a DPS increase!

Avoid getting hit by the circles and stay close to him to avoid getting . Otherwise you can pretty much use it as a rotation practice encounter.

If your group is doing Greens to avoid Spatial Manipulation, use Celestial Dash to reach your green then Unstable Artifact to return to Cairn and apply Poison.

Mursaat Overseer

Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

Precast near Mursaat Overseer, toward your tank.

The Stolen Skill you get from Mursaat Overseer is Detonate Plasma. This provides some Fury, Protection, and Might uptime; the Quickness uptime allows your support classes to be more aggressive.

Be careful when using while there are spikes up or unclaimed tiles, as you can land on them and kill yourself.

You can use the Jade Scouts to trigger more daggers from . Remember to Dodge from the outside of the hitbox towards the center of Mursaat Overseer.

Apart from that, just use it as rotation practice as there are pretty much no mechanics here.

Hall of Chains

Soulless Horror

Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

The Stolen Skill you get from Souless Horror is Soul Stone Venom. This is a 10 person condition cleanse you can use in emergencies if people step into the AoE left by the Tormented Dead or Spinning Scythes.

You need to be careful when using if you are approaching a Wall. The best option is to just manually aim it, instead of targeting Soulless Horror.

Save so you can help CC Soulless Horror.

Delay if the Tormented Dead is moving through group, to make its pathing more predictable for your pusher.


Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

The Stolen Skill you get from Dhuum is Unstable Artifact. This can be used as a shadowstep away if you need to handle any mechanic. This is also useful if your kiter goes down and you need to pull them out of a Messenger.

Dhuum Fight

Pre-cast Venoms and while waiting for Dhuum to be vulnerable. If you know your group's first tanking position, pre-cast .

Greater Death Mark

If you have trust issues about Torment getting cleansed, take as your Heal skill.

Swap to your main-hand Pistol set and use when close to the Greater Death Mark AoE to shadowstep backwards, then use your Initiative on .

Ritual Phase

Before the whole squad is lifted to the ceiling, if you're quick enough and a Death Mark is not covering the center of the room, then go pre-cast . This should let you use on Dhuum twice in one burn phase, which might mean you don't have to activate the Reaper's marks twice to score the kill.

Mythwright Gambit

Twin Largos

Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

Condition Daredevil is a very risky build to play on Twin Largos. You can easily flip into mechanics or off the platform if you dont pay close attention or the boss suddenly moves.

Due to the preparation time, pulse duration, and Condition Duration of , you should save it if the boss is about to change island.


The Stolen Skill you get from Nikare is Soul Stone Venom, a 10 man condition cleanse. This can be used when your team gets hit by to cleanse the Chill and Slow.

Pay attention to where your tank positions Nikare so you don't cast in a bad spot.


The Stolen Skill you get from Kenut is Detonate Plasma. This can be useful to help keep boons up.

While fighting Kenut, you can keep your Detonate Plasma and use it just before she uses in order to protect your squad with Aegis and Stability.

If Kenut vanishes in Stealth and you're unsure where she'll use her boon-stealing attack, save a Dodge or to Evade it.

The Key of Ahdashim

Cardinal Sabir

Skills Weaponset

You should take a dagger here with instead of , and a pistol with ; swap to this pistol whenever you use the Flash Discharge or , and use .

The Stolen Skill you get from Cardinal Sabir is Unstable Artifact. This is ideal for shadowstepping through to Sabir, applying Immobilize and Poison. Be mindful of the skill's cast time (especially if Quickness expires on you), and targeting Downed teammates. If you Pull a Downed ally to you, then you won't teleport over the wave, resulting in you going Down, and possibly getting the other person hit again, resulting in their instant death.

Alternatively you can through the shockwave.

When using Dodge and , be careful not to slide against Sabir's hitbox and into a mechanic, especially the giant red tornado! Try to bias to the left side without getting lifted up by the small tornado.

Breakbar Phase

For the coordinated Breakbar, instead of using the Special Action Key, you can use instead so you can keep Violent Currents for more DPS. Just keep the cast time in mind, and begin casting it slightly before the group uses all their Special Action Keys.

Qadim the Peerless

Skills Weaponset

The Stolen Skill you get from Qadim the Peerless is Unstable Artifact. This can be used to Pull in Downed party members or to grab an Orb if someone forgets! Remember to deliver it to the appropriate Pylon.

When reviving a Downed kiter, use Unstable Artifact to shadowstep yourself near them to move into their Pylon's zone, then revive them.

Use to help CC the Pylons at the start.

When Qadim the Peerless rushes to destroy Pylons at 40%, 30% and 20%, you can

  • Precast in the middle of the arena; wait for Qadim to return to mid and become vulnerable, then trigger .
  • Use Unstable Artifact to follow Qadim, apply Poison, and land a bit more damage with as usual. You want to Dodge the shockwave, so position yourself between the center and Qadim; if you mess up your dodge timing, you'll just get pushed to the middle.

If you are targeted with Caustic Chaos (straight-line targeting you), you can Evade with your skills. Be mindful not to point it at a kiter behind you!

If you are targeted with Rain of Chaos (expanding AoE fields), you can Evade them easily but your allies cannot! Move the fields off group.

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