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Crits N Dips

We are a close-knit european guild with the goal to optimise every raid and strike encounter to the best of our abilities.
Kompetitiv Europe Xyonon.3987

We are a close-knit european guild with the goal to optimise every raid and strike encounter to the best of our abilities. We continuously strive to improve as a guild as well as aspiring personal development, while maintaining a familiar and positive atmosphere.

What do we offer?

  • A group of people that values the social aspect of a guild, even outside of Guild Wars 2
  • An experienced raid/strike community that is supporting each other
  • Several raids and/or strikes during the week, where we apply our knowledge and practise new strategies
  • An environment where people spend their time theorycrafting and analysing different approaches to raid encounters
  • Ascended food

What are we looking for?

  • Social players who are interested in personal development, speedclears, records and having a good time
  • Dedicated players with a positive mindset who are open to constructive criticism and feedback
  • Players with an excellent command of their professions
  • Players with optimised builds for their professions
  • Players with excellent knowledge of every released raid and EOD strike encounter and their mechanics
  • Players with a good computer and a stable internet connection
  • Players with a good quality microphone, and the ability to talk and understand english

Before we invite you as an applicant to our guild, there will be a brief interview with a few council members to get a first impression of you. Following that, you will join us on one of our raid days and if your performance looks promsing, you will be invited to our guild for a trial period.We highly encourage you to ask questions during that period and, like every regular member of the guild, participate in activites and have some fun. In case we determine you to be a good fit for our guild, you will be promoted to a member of CnD.

Applying means you will be joining CnD as your main guild.While you are allowed to represent and be involved in other guilds outside of PvE you are expected to be prioritising CnD over anything else.

Found yourself interested? Simply fill in the Typeform and we will contact you shortly after. Application Typeform

If you have any questions, feel free to message us directly on Discord!



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