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[clwn] Panic Clowning Random Bosses

raid static doing full clears on monday and wednesday 19:30 CE(S)T with strikes on wednesday biweekly
Engagiert Europe Besucht Discord Solet.8639

We are a group people who have been raiding together for quite a while now. To shorten the time needed for our weekly raid clears we´re looking for more players to complete our static. Our raiding days are Monday and Wednesday from 19:30 to 21:30 CEST with W5-7 scheduled on Monday and W1-4 on Wednesday. On Wednesday we also alternate every second week between raid wings and strikes.

During our raids and strikes we meet on discord but it´s fine if you are more of a listener. There is also a guild to the static - [clwn] Panic Clowning Random Bosses - but joining is optional.

Our main goal right now is to get back to smooth, efficient and relaxed runs for raids and getting comfortable with strikes. Strike CMs are in process and HT CM is a goal we want to reach. Of course we also plan to add Wing 8 to our regular clears as well.


We would love you to be able to backup mechanics and roles or feel comfortable enough with them to get caged and do them over and over again. We would also love to see you bring some support roles so our heal alac gets out of his cage every now and then. This being said we generally expect you to be experienced enough not to wipe the squad and open to take on new roles.

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