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Snow Crows

We like Crows, specifically those in the snow.
Guild Europe Besucht Discord Nika.8573 or Jerry Pls.3981

Snow Crows is a community of hardcore PvE players who strive to be at the top in terms of raids, fractals and dungeons. Outside of weekly raiding and daily fractals, record attempts are likely to take place for the most engaged players.

Snow Crows is a well known hardcore raiding guild in Guild Wars 2. Please put effort into your application otherwise it will be ignored.

What we expect:

  • Commitment to both the guild and the game.
  • Advanced experience in every single raid encounter.
  • Advanced class specific experience on the classes that you will apply on.
  • Optimal gear on every class you play. Yes, this includes stat infusions!
  • The motivation to improve.

What we offer:

  • 5 - 6 raid days per week including our clear days, record days and comp testing or other shenanigans from time to time.
  • A friendly guild environment with all sorts of people you can play with and talk to.
  • A group of skilled people you can improve with.

Please note that Snow Crows is a European based hardcore guild so make sure your timezone works out before applying.


You will be required to have a variety of meta classes fully geared, including infusions. You can choose which ever classes you want, as long as they are relevant in the current meta.

A trial will created based on your selected roles and will be the following format:

  • Golem Trial.
  • Specific Raid Encounters.
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