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The Crossroads Inn

We are The Crossroads Inn [EU], a raid training community on discord. We run official raid trainings Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 20:00 CE(S)T. No prior raid knowledge needed our trainer and staff team is there to teach you all about raiding!
Training Europe Besucht Discord Dagoh.3482

The Crossroads Inn is an EU raid community focused on training new people to get into raiding. There's no need to join a guild or here on Snowcrows, just join our discord and you can sign up right away!

With us there’s no prior raid experience is needed. Our commanders will explain everything you need to know about the encounter and get you through it step by step. Our trainings are set up for completely new people and will give you the ability to gradually improve through the different bosses.

We run our official trainings on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 20:00 CE(S)T.

At our discord there is also advertisement possibility for statics. Or once you’ve finished your training you can join different groups that are raiding and looking for players through our LFG.


To join our training we have the following requirements:

  • Your account must be on an EU server.
  • Access to HoT, PoF and EoD expansions.
  • A level 80 character with at least exotic gear to start off, ascended trinkets and weapons are recommended.
  • A meta build for raiding.
  • Try to at least familiarize yourself with the build you are playing.

Visit our discord to join our community!

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